40% elimination rate: bright iPhone 7 is too hard to produce

The latest Apple iPhone 7 has added color options to the brighter version, but the current version of the iPhone is still out of stock globally. According to the news, this proves that its degree of difficulty is not generally high. KGI analyst Guo Mingchi said that the bright black model yield is only 60-70%, which means that 30-40% of the bright black version of the iPhone7 cannot pass Apple's quality standards.

Apple previously stated that the bright black version requires 9-step precision anodizing and polishing processes to achieve this effect. When the iPhone 7 was opened for pre-order on September 9th, the shipping date of the bright black version was postponed until November. The bright black version of the Apple store is still scarce. There are only a few Apple stores in France that have a bright black version.

However, analysts said that this does not mean that the iPhone 7 ushered in the market recovery. Guo Mingchi said that the number of starting countries for the iPhone 7 from the 12 countries of the iPhone 6S last year rose to 28 countries, which has reason to believe that because the iPhone 7S iPhone 7S market demand is lower than last year will be the case.

He predicts that the iPhone 7 series shipments in 2016 will be lower than the iPhone 6S series shipments in 2015.

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