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New three-board LED listing company semi-annual report data

Earbuds Earphones

In-ear earphones, also known as ear canal earphones, are used inside the human hearing organs and, according to their design, sealing the user's ear canal. In-ear earphone is inserted into the ear canal with a gel plug, to obtain better airtightness, on the basis of the ordinary earphone, which greatly increasing the performance of in-ear earphone.


1: Reduce the interference of external noise on music.

2: Provide a closed environment that greatly reduces leakage. From a practical point of view - in a noisy environment,you can enjoy music with a relatively low volume.

3:Increase the low frequency texture and volume.

4:Adding to the performance of the music details.

The catheter of these headphones are connected to the earmuffs into the front half of the ear canal to create a sealed listening environment. And many high-end in-ear earphones even custom-made eardrums for the best comfort and perfect sound insulation.

Earbuds Earphone

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