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Can often see the stars using Weibo to dry out their own fitness exercise under the guidance of the gym or professional coaches, science movement seems to have become a new fashion for all. In addition to professional coaches, fitness APP, tutorials and other aids, smart terminal equipment, portable monitoring records is the best guide for enthusiasts. Today came to our evaluation room is TomTom a professional sports watch - TomTom SPARK CARDIO + MUSIC. Unlike smart watches, sports watches are more professional and more suitable for the needs of scientific sports training.

I believe many of my friends have also heard about TomTom. This company was established in 1991 in the Netherlands and has a deep accumulation in navigation and positioning systems. It has its own unique advantages in technology and design. With the popularity of smart wearable devices, TomTom also joined in. In 2014, it launched its own GPS sports player with cutting-edge heart rate monitoring technology. So far, several professional sports watches launched by TomTom have been loved by many sports fans. .

This new member of the TomTom sports watch family features music playback and full-featured, 3G memory space, comes with photoelectric heart rate sensor. All-weather sports tracking, training monitoring and other functions are all in one. It is very appealing to those who like to accompany music in sports and can reliance on mobile phones when listening to music.


The appearance continues calm atmosphere style, full of sports sense

TomTom SPARK continues the style of the previous TomTom sports series, the appearance is simple and atmospheric, slightly calm, full of sports sense. The main body of this watch is detachable. The main body of the watch can be detached from the end of the wrist strap, and the main body of the watch is closely linked with the wrist strap. No gap can be seen. The table is available in black, blue and purple colors to meet the needs of people in different styles. The screen size is 22×25mm, and the screen uses a monochrome display with relatively practical power-saving and higher display contrast. The contents are clear, and the backlight can be turned on for a few seconds to cover the dial. It is intuitive and convenient.

TomTom SPARK CARDIO+MUSIC and packaging


The TomTom SPARK watch is equipped with a USB data cable and a manual containing 21 languages. It can be seen as a watch sold worldwide. No need to remove the dial, USB data cable can be directly inserted in the slot of the connection, connect the computer to charge and transmit data.

USB data cable can be connected to the computer to charge and transmit data

Professional sports function, listening to music

Music is the best catalyst for controlling the mobilization of passion in sports, especially during running. TomTom Spark sports watch comes with music playback function, the wearer can listen to music directly through the watch and Bluetooth headset.

TomTom Spark is designed around the "movement" from the outside to the inside. It can track and support up to seven kinds of sports patterns for all-day activities. Whether the wearer is in running, walking, training or sleeping, the watch can track for 24 hours from the number of steps, exercise time, distance, calorie consumption and sleep quality.

Step function

The professionalism of this watch is reflected in its coverage of sports modes. It supports 7 kinds of sports modes including running, cycling, swimming, treadmill, gymnasium, indoor cycling and freestyle. Among them, bicycles and indoor bicycles are required to be equipped with Bluetooth cadences to count the distance and speed of cycling. Gymnasium, freestyle, these are more reference to heart rate data and calories consumed during exercise. In short, it can meet the needs of most sports fans.

Gym mode

Set up a training plan

When a sport mode is selected for exercise, the GPS and built-in sensors of the watch will start to operate, and the heart rate will be monitored in real time during the entire exercise. When GPS, music playback, and heart rate monitoring are all running, the power consumption of the watch will be compared. Fast, but everyday use goes without saying. Only daily activity tracking, the watch will appear very power saving, up to three weeks.

Heart rate test

In the heart rate monitoring process, the optical heart rate sensor will light up. The three green LED lights in the middle are responsible for the light emission. The rightmost window is a photoelectric sensor composed of highly sensitive photodiodes.

Optical heart rate sensor

In this watch's settings menu, we can set up several dimensions of personal information, including weight, height, age, gender, and so on. The watch will set the heart rate interval for the wearer according to the information. The wearer can adjust the exercise time and frequency through the watch information to make the exercise more scientific and healthy.

During the exercise, once the watch detects that it exceeds the maximum value of the system preset heart rate interval, the watch will vibrate and indicate no recovery. At the same time, the screen will display the value that exceeds the maximum exercise heart rate in a negative number. At this time, the exercise intensity can be reduced. The heart rate returns to the appropriate heart rate interval.

At the same time, the 40 meter waterproof feature allows the watch to adapt to a variety of sports scenes, including swimming.

GPS tracking can provide real-time movement data, including time, data, speed and pace, which can be uploaded through the MySports app of the mobile phone, and can also be viewed on a variety of platforms via Bluetooth. After the exercise, both the mobile client and the computer can clearly display the movement data of the watch in detail and allow the user to exercise more effectively.

Mobile client interface

Computer client interface

Each exercise record has a detailed data presentation page that shows the heart rate, pace, mileage, and altitude. In sports data professionalism, this sports watch is believed to satisfy many sports fans. However, in the experience, the data synchronization of the mobile phone client is slightly slower, and the user experience will be better if the user can improve it later.

TomTom Spark Cardio+Music has a lot of excitement about sports fans, whether it is traditional sports events, or daily tracking and music playback. Heart rate monitoring and music function allows users to abandon the uncomfortable heart rate belt and mobile phones. Although it is not as flexible as the mobile phone in music playback control, play lists, song selection and other functions are complete, and control is simple. The domestic price of this watch is less than 2,000. For sports watches that cost between RMB 2,000 and RMB 3,000, it is not a temptation point.

Written in the final: There was a news in recent days that caused a big sensation. Nearly 20,000 runners participated in the marathon held in Qingyuan, Guangdong on March 20th. As a result, 12,208 people received treatment, including 9838 cases of sprained muscles and sprains. In 1743 cases, 194 cases were bruised, 20 cases fainted, 107 cases of abdominal pain, and 306 cases of collapse. This sad news again made sports safety a top priority. Exercise is certainly a good thing. How to reasonably avoid the negative effects brought about by the exercise should also be taken seriously. On April 10th, another annual feast of the long-distance running enthusiasts will start in Wuhan Marathon. In order not to repeat the tragedy, the author also called for runners to keep abreast of their physical condition. For example, a sports watch like TomTom can be monitored in real time. Heart rate and pace, and ensuring safety, can make the tragedy not repeat itself.

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