An Unserious Unpacking — Loctek Music DLB502 Monitor Stand

In the past when visiting Aunt Zhang, she suddenly saw several high-powered computer monitor brackets, and it was still universally adjusted. At that time, I did not buy a German juicer and I was just a few days ago. I feel like my neck is sour when I pour on the code and I feel like my neck is sour because I was studying medicine. I asked a friend to help me pull a jar around my neck. After pulling it, my friend said, why don't you buy a computer? The brackets can also be placed in various positions. At that time, I thought of several computer brackets that were previously seen on Aunt Zhang’s face. When she opened Zhang Aunt, she immediately saw the brand of the song, and it was also very cheap. I simply bought an order and bought it. I used it. At the time, the order under No. 17 arrived today on the morning of the 19th. When I received the Jingdong Express call, I had no sleep. I went to the downstairs to pick up the delivery. However, I did not think that the express packaging was a tape. However, I did not think that the box was actually big!

PS: I've written about the out-of-the-box of Pole Routing 3 in the past. If you are interested, look it out!

Can not be considered serious out of the box - Pole routing 3 champagne gold smart wireless router router, is connected to the Internet in the various local area network, wide area network equipment, but now the router is not the original set up cumbersome, showing bloated router, and now smart router has Development, you can brush ROM, you can customize the plug-in, there are a lot of gameplay, you can also configure a home-level NAS with a hard drive, the router on the market today, a wide range of species, for me this kind of people with choice difficulties Said in a wide variety of routes zeqiqiyoo | Like 2 Comments 16 Favorites6View Details

Reasons to purchase

The reason for buying is very simple. One is to force UP, the other is less than 200. One is to reduce the space occupation, and the other most important thing is to relieve the back pain caused by using a computer in a posture. Neck pain, attached below the purchase link

Music (Loctek) DLB502 Monitor Stand Rotary Computer Rack Desktop Rack-free Workbench Stand 10-27 in. 199 yuan This song is DLB502 display stand, which can be adjusted 360 degrees and screen rotation, easy to adjust. Internal gas spring support, can be fixed to the desktop, can also be fixed through the perforated table. The display mounting hole is 100*100mm. It can be installed up to a 24-inch monitor with a maximum weight of 5KG. Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

Appearance Gallery

The following is my shot, shooting set is still resistant to LGG3F460, please enjoy

You see no, Jingdong Express is now not even packaged bags, directly stick half circle tape! Dog East is less and less talkative now!

Compare with my notebook

Okay, next we come together to really unpack!

Take my hand for comparison, please don't mind O (∩_∩) O Thank you!

The screws that come with them are all marked. This is very good!

Next is the protagonist!

It can be seen that my original monitor is still covered with books to increase!

Next is when I am ready to install!

Since I use a piercing test setup, I only need 4 parts to form a mounting bracket

Before the installation, it was necessary to take the cable cover off, so it was my turn to follow Shida's exit!

First screw the top screw into the top two holes and hang it!

One hand holding the monitor, one hand taking pictures, the monitor is really heavy!

Here I would like to say that the mother sells than the monitor hole is not right!

Please ignore my ugly wall swarf!

I put the monitor on the stand and try to install it. You can also refer to my installation method.

After the installation is complete, the cable management begins!

Duang finished!

Can also be horizontal, vertical can be, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

At last! This is my working environment! In May of this year, I will repaint the wall, which is a bit ugly!

experience feelings

This product is very good design, but there is a little bit of manufacturing

There are no reserved holes at the bottom, making it difficult to get through! However, this minor flaw is also worth forgiving. After all, the price is there, and everything else is perfect. It is also recommended to buy this product.

to sum up

This product is in general a very worthwhile purchase product, the price is low, the quality control is still quite good, especially those who often work in front of the computer and programmers, if your monitor is supported Touch, coupled with this bracket I believe that the forced grid will be quite high, and the conclusion is complete! Please also lightly spray, thank you all

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