Apple applies for patent for intelligent management of mobile device power

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has disclosed an Apple patent application that shows a smart management solution for mobile device power. The mobile device can recognize the user's usage habits and behavior patterns, and adjust the power consumption state of the device to prolong the power usage time.

For example, by analyzing the user's usage habits, it can count the average usage time and charging cycle to determine whether the device's power may last until the next charge. If the battery is low, the device will automatically adjust the screen brightness or close the application running in the background. Location information can also be used in this solution, knowing that users do not have to worry too much about the charging environment at home.

If this system is applied to the new iPhone, it should reduce people's behavior of turning off many functions due to careful use of electricity, and then optimize the human-computer interaction experience.

Hand Mixer With Rotary Plastic Bowl

Hand Mixer With Rotary Plastic Bowl not only can knead the dough on tables, but also the bowl can rotary automatically, so the dougu will be kneaded more fully.

Description for Hand Mixer With Rotary Plastic Bowl


5 speeds 

With Eject button

With two chromed beaters and dough hooks

With 2000ml plastic bowl

Carton box: 69*33*40.5cm  6pcs/ctn

20'GP: 1818pcs   40'HQ:4422pcs

Hand blender with rotary plastic bowl

Hand Mixer With Rotary Plastic Bowl

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