Application of ARBOR products in broadband video on demand (VOD) system

I. Overview

Time Interactive Broadband Video on Demand VOD system is built on the Ethernet LAN platform, using full Web interface development and international advanced video encoding and streaming media technology to achieve download while playing, users do not need to wait when on demand, can support thousands of users at the same time On demand.

The VOD system has a very high performance-price ratio, and can be widely used in smart communities, hotels, intranets of enterprises and institutions, school multimedia teaching systems and other fields.

The size of the VOD system is related to the number of users that can be supported. When the number of users is large, the system overhead for load balancing, distributed control, and concurrent flow support is significantly increased, and the performance requirements of the server and network equipment are also relatively high. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the database management of program management, user management and billing system.

Second, the system structure

Figure 1 is a network topology diagram of an era interactive video-on-demand system with all basic functional modules. The system hardware resources such as servers can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the system scale and investment scale.

The system is mainly composed of video server, WEB server, management system, billing system, authentication server, program production system and program library. Times Interactive Video on Demand System version 3.10 adopts shared disk array storage, which has the characteristics of reliable performance, low cost, easy expansion and easy maintenance.

The VOD system is supported by a database system in the background, which can provide a variety of options, such as MYSQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle, etc. according to the needs of users and the scale of the implementation plan.

The network topology diagram of the times interactive video-on-demand system

(figure 1)

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