BYD lighting LED products passed the annual inspection by the State Administration of Quality Supervision

The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine commissioned the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) to conduct spot checks on BYD lighting products. This spot check product is BYD LED Bulb--GL-04, which has 4.8W power, 280lm luminous flux, can replace 25W incandescent lamp, color rendering index is more than 80, and design life is up to 40,000 hours. It has been widely used. In the indoor lighting environment such as home lighting, exhibition hall lighting.

This annual spot check includes safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility testing. Safety requirements test, GL-04 passed the interchangeability of the lamp cap, accidental contact with the protection of the live part, mechanical strength, heat resistance and fire and flame test, product safety performance; electromagnetic compatibility part test, GL-04 passed the harassment Voltage, radiation electromagnetic disturbance test, product reliability.

With strict product design, strict process control and strict quality inspection, BYD has successfully passed the tests and the products have performed well. According to the test results, the products meet the GB24906-2010, GB17743-2007 standards, according to the "2013 LED lighting product quality national supervision special spot check program", the product quality comprehensive judgment is qualified.

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