CES2016 Focus: Super Cars

CES2016 Focus: Super Cars

The top tech circle in 2016 The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held on schedule as recently as this year's international exhibition held in Las Vegas in the United States was hailed as the largest “Technology Carnival” by people both inside and outside the industry.

At last year's CES Auto Technology Exhibition, various car companies have demonstrated their own unique technology, Mercedes-Benz's driverless concept car has become the biggest bright spot, showing that the automotive industry and technology in the field of technology more and more closely. This year, more than 460 manufacturers in the automotive-related fields participated. According to media reports, the field of autopilot technology is still the biggest highlight of this exhibition. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and other well-known car manufacturers will be introduced at the CES this has been related to the rumors of the concept car. For details, please see "2016 CES Automotive Technology Preview."

On Monday, Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive officer of NVidia, the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent vehicle systems, told a CES press conference that the artificial intelligence race (Artificial IntelliGEnce) has started and that automakers are manufacturing “supercars” through artificial intelligence technology. .

On the same day, Toyota Motor announced at the CES show that it succeeded in digging up James Kuffner, the technical director of Google's robotics (61.30 +3.09%, buy-in). Toyota said that Kuffner's participation will help Toyota Motor to make progress in the "driverless" field. It is expected that in the two fields of robot manufacturing and automobile manufacturing, the future will be equally important to Toyota.

The Financial Times reported that Toyota and Google have different plans for the development of driverless cars. Google’s plan is to launch fully-autonomous driving cars as early as possible, and Toyota’s idea is that, although the degree of automation will be higher and higher, but for a long time in the future, the driving position still needs someone to exist.

Of course, there is also no shortage of Chinese capital in the competition of "supercars."

On Monday, LeTV held a symposium on the strategic cooperation of LeTV at CES, and together with the Silicon Valley team Faraday Future launched the first concept car FF ZERO 1. According to Richard Kim, head of design for the FF team, the seat design of this concept car was inspired by the NASA zero gravity seat of the United States. The propeller instrument panel is the DNA of FF and the lightweight material was used in the design. The car also emphasizes the user experience. The middle line is called the UFO line. This will be called the iconic design element of the FF full line model.

According to the “Interface” report, LeTV is creating the concept of “LeTV Ecology Circle”, which is one of the very important business segments. But before this, LeTV has been keeping silent about the strategy.

Recently, LeTV announced the "SEE Plan" at the press conference. The plan focuses on capital opening and ecological openness. The strategic cooperation between LeTV and FF will be the most important part of the global strategy of the "SEE Plan." Both parties will work on electric Power system and vehicle manufacturing R&D, EUI system R&D, entertainment content and social operation cooperation.

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