Cool Apps: Earn Money

Cool Apps: Earn Money

The value of the mobile advertising market has been increasingly favored, and various tools based on mobile phone users to forward or watch advertising content are frequently used in the market. Taking the lock screen application as an example, a number of companies have launched advertising sharing lock screen tools. Among them, the coolest APP is the largest. In recent days, the frequent media exposure of cool APP has become the boss of the market segment. Let us take a look at the cool past and present life!

Cool Cut ID: China's Cashslide

Speaking of Cashslide is unfamiliar to most netizens, but in Korea, Cashslide is already famous. Cashslide is currently South Korea's second largest user application after Kakao Talk. It is South Korea's largest lock screen application and holds 70% of the Korean lock screen market. It is currently Korea's largest mobile media and advertising platform.

Cashslide is a mobile phone lock screen advertising application that helps users make money. Since the advertising content is placed in the lock screen of the mobile phone, the user only needs to slide the lock screen as usual to obtain cashback of Cashslide.

Coolpad is the Chinese version of Cashslide, the world's largest lock screen application. Cool screen lock has accumulated more than 500 million yuan for the user to cash back.

Cool planning purposes: to facilitate life on the fingertips, saving time and money <br> <br> currently zoned cool only Android version, Android users will be your application in the market after the search "cool plans", download and install, cool draw Mobile phone lock screen tool. The method of use is very simple. When the mobile phone is started, press the power button to display the cool interface first.

The first is an advertising map. At this time, you can choose to switch to the right to boot, or to the left to read and forward the advertisement to obtain a rebate.

The rewards obtained are in your cool plan account. To a certain extent, you can go to the cool shopping mall to exchange goods.

At this point, if you fully understand the cool plan, then you are very wrong. There are many rich applications for cool programming. For example, after the power button is activated, you can move up and down so that you can see other contents of cool programs, hot news, weather conditions, and other content. Services can be read by users.

Thanks to the mobile location service, the future cool plan can also be used to localize advertising promotion, such as various service information within 1 km, and push it to cool mobile phone users. For another example, between cool users, users can also lock their contacts according to their mobile number and send their pictures or messages to each other, which makes Coolpad a new social software.

Positioned as a mobile phone lock screen entry, "Cute Advertising Recommended Platform" is a cool program that provides users with all kinds of practical information on the basis of big data analysis and precise orientation, and finally turns advertisers' ads into content. Users provide a way to make money and truly achieve a win-win situation for both.

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