Easyline Fuse with Best Quality, Type Isolating Switch

Model NO.: LR_651

The product is used in distribution circuit and motor circuit of current 50Hz, rated operational frequency 660V under, and rated current 100-630A, also used in high-short-circuit as power switch, Isolating switch and emergency switch protecting circuit. Fitted with NT(RT16)fuse. It conforms to IEC60947-3.

Model 100 200 400 630
Number of Main Poles 3
Rated Insulation Voltage AC (V) 690
Rated Operational Voltage (V)  
Rated Operational Current (A) 380V AC-23 100 200 400 630
660V AC-22 100      
Rated Making Capacity 380V cosø0.35 AC-23   10
660V cosø0.65 AC-22 3
Rated Breaking Capacity 380V cosø0.35 AC-23 8 8
660V cosø0.65 AC-22 3
Rated Fused Short Circuit Current (KAr.m.s) 380V AC-23 100
660V AC-22  
Max.Fuse-Link (A) 160 250 400 630
Fuse Type (NT0)        
Mechanical Endurance/Electrical Endurance (Operations) 3000 1000
Auxiliary Switch (380V AC-15)VA

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