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With the continuous decline in the cost of LED materials in the last two years, and the emergence of cheap LEDs that can replace traditional energy-saving lamps, LED entry barriers are getting lower and lower, and various LED factories are springing up. One or two couples' workshops Everywhere, LEDs have entered a family of ordinary people from a high-end aristocratic product. Their prices have dropped from the previous three digits to double digits, and the double digits have fallen to one digit. The market is expanding while competition is intensifying. The price keeps falling, the products are mixed, and the market's bearing ability is constantly tested. With a batch of large and small factories constantly closing down, the LED market is booming for a while, and the LED's early debut will also be welcomed in advance. The arrival of the era of shuffling, traces the root cause of many factory closures, often blindly follow the trend, has no product research and development capabilities, no substitute for new products in a limited market, often brings the factory into a vicious circle of price competition In order to stabilize the existing market, we can only continuously reduce the price of the product. The products tend to be worse and worse, and the factory profits are getting lower and lower. As a revolutionary third-generation lighting source, LED is recognized as high-tech, environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving, and green products. The state vigorously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, and advocates and supports the use of LED lighting products. However, in practical applications, the current LED lamps have fatal problems such as large heat generation, fast light decay, and shortened service life. After the user has spent a lot of money to replace the traditional lamps with LED energy-saving lamps, they have found that they are not expected. effect. Why does this happen? Here is the real reason that Nate tells you:
Ordinary LED lamps can't be directly connected to AC 220V power supply, and need additional drive power to use. Therefore, its service life is often limited by the quality of the drive power. The average service life of the ordinary drive power in the market is less than 5000 hours, far less than 50,000. Hours, not to mention the fact that some products exaggerate the claimed 100,000 hours. Nymet has launched a new series of driverless dimmable 220V LED indoor light source. The technology is at the international advanced level, eliminating the driver circuit. The product structure is simple, the heat generation is low, the light decay is low, and the traditional light source can be directly replaced. Compared with the existing LED products in the market, the power consumption is saved by more than 30%, and the service life is over 30,000 hours. At the same time, the cost of driving is saved, the price of the product is lower, and there are enough reasons to believe that as long as this product is mature enough, it must be the star of tomorrow in the market. Once upon a time, there was a driver-free LED product. However, due to the immature technology, the cost is too high and the product is unstable, but I am going to tell you that our product is a patent that has been launched by the experimental experiment for five years and supported by the national energy subsidy. Products, products using AC technology, eliminating drive power, simple structure, less heat, low light attenuation, low failure rate, the full range of light sources have dimming function, compared to the market similar LED products, power consumption savings of more than 30%, The service life is more than 30,000 hours, and the product warranty is 3 years, no worries.

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