Gree called central air conditioning fun

Gree called central air conditioning fun

How does Gree smash the ceiling of growth? The analysis of Gree outside the world is that the three categories of central air conditioners, refrigerators, and small appliances will be the main focus of Gree's breakthrough in the growth bottleneck. Yesterday (10th), Gree Electric Appliance Huang Hui said at the China Refrigeration Expo that “the central air-conditioner can play more” hinted that this is the real focus. Gree demonstrated its core technology products such as photovoltaic variable frequency centrifuges and magnetic suspension variable frequency centrifuges at the show.

Gree showcases core technology products such as photovoltaic frequency conversion centrifuges and magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifuges

Central air conditioning can play many

In 2012, Gree’s total revenue exceeded RMB 100 billion for the first time, but this full performance reached 100 billion digits. After that, China National Grid confirmed that Gree had channeled goods to the channel and that inventory was as high as 10 million units. Only to achieve.

The chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, Dong Mingzhu, did not consider the "moisture" behind the performance, and repeatedly stated publicly that an average annual revenue of 20 billion yuan will be added in 2013, and the revenue for the next five years will reach 200 billion yuan.

Dong Mingzhu's style of accomplishing it did work, and Gree’s recent performance report stated that the company expects to achieve operating revenue of RMB 12.003 billion in 2013, an increase of 19.90% from the same period of last year, and a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of RMB 10.813 billion, which represents a year-on-year increase. 46.53%.

The accuracy of this new 20 billion revenue is reminiscent of 2012 accurate 100 billion revenue. Of course, if you leave behind these suspicions, if Gree guarantees an additional 20 billion yuan each year, it will certainly need strong business support.

After careful examination of the 2012 Gree annual report, the main business structure disclosed in the report showed that the total revenue of small household appliances business was 1.4 billion. In addition, Gree's Jinghong refrigerators have entered the Gree sales system since May 2012. According to data released by Gree, by May 2013, Jinghong refrigerators have completed production and sales of 700,000 units. In 2013, the annual target was 1.5 million units.

Obviously, Gree's small household appliances and refrigerators are currently faced with the danger that there are former tiger wolf after the pursuit of the two types of businesses. It is unrealistic to expect to increase the annual scale of 20 billion new businesses from these two types of new business each year.

Heavy burdens fell on the central air-conditioning business, which can be seen from the fact that Gree's household air-conditioners have become less and less dynamic in the past two years, but they have been constantly making efforts in the core technologies of central air-conditioning.

However, it becomes difficult to become a "player"

Gree previously estimated that its central air-conditioning business revenue in 2013 was 11 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 10% of revenue contribution.

At present, the total size of the central air-conditioning industry in China has reached more than 60 billion. According to statistics, in 2013, it included Gree, Midea, Haier, Daikin, Johnson Controls York, Carrier, McQuay, Trane, Hisense Hitachi, and Tianjia. The total sales volume of the top ten brands reached 49.36 billion yuan, accounting for 77.6% of the total. Compared with the proportion of 72.5% in 2012, the brand concentration further increased, showing the trend of “stronger stronger”.

McGovern Maglevs use up to 2557 units worldwide

In the past, the domestic central air-conditioning market was dominated by foreign-funded enterprises that controlled the core technologies. In recent years, local brands such as Gree, Midea and Haier have gradually emerged. In this group of strong hands, can Gree be strong and strong?

During the above-mentioned refrigerated exhibition, a responsible sales person of a foreign-owned brand, Carrier, published to China National Grid his views on Gree’s performance in the central air-conditioning market. The responsible person believes that the current domestic brands’ overall products are mainly low-end and Gree. is also like this. In his view, some of the core technology products that Gree has captured in the past 12 years or more are using foreign technology to display their images. The real marketization of Gree will still have to run for some distance.

Another foreign brand, McQuay, has used 2,557 sets of its magnetic levitation units worldwide. McQuay's person in charge of product management said in an interview with China National Grid that this amount is a global leader. When asked by reporters whether there are technological differences between its magnetic levitation products and Gree's magnetic levitation products, the source said there is no difference.

Carrier said that the above-mentioned sources also broke the news that the domestic brands are now conquering some of the core technologies, the underlying technical talent is basically from the US brand excavation.

The phenomenon of competition in these industries shows that Gree’s ability to achieve large growth in central air-conditioning cannot be as easy as it is in the home market.

In order to increase the scale of revenue, Gree also tried to break through in other ways. The most obvious place was that Gree opened the knot this year and once again cooperated with Gome who once complained that the product entered the Gome store and the online channel, and slightly embraced the electricity supplier. Business Internet stance.

Gree recently announced the first quarter of 2014 (January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014) performance forecast shows that the first quarter Gree shareholders of listed companies' net profit ranged from 20.03 to 2.27 billion yuan, the previous year During the same period was 1.335 billion yuan, an increase of 50% -70%.

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