Inductor knowledge

Inductor knowledge
Inductor English abbreviation: L (Inductance) circuit symbol:
The international standard units for inductors are: H (Henry), mH (milliHen), uH (MicroHenry), nH (NaHen);
The unit conversion of the inductor is: 1H = 103m H = 106u H = 109n H; 1n H = 10-3u H = 10-6m H = 10-9H
The characteristics of the inductor: DC through the exchange of AC; through the low-frequency resistance of high frequency.
The role of the inductor: filtering, notching, oscillation, magnetic energy storage and so on.
Classification of inductors: air core inductors and core inductors. Core inductors can also be called core inductors and copper core inductors, etc.. Commonly seen in the motherboard is a copper winding inductor.
Inductance is commonly used in the circuit "L" plus digital representation, such as: L6 represents the number 6 inductor. Inductor coils are made by winding an insulated wire around a certain number of turns on an insulating skeleton. DC can pass through the coil, and the DC resistance is the resistance of the wire itself, and the voltage drop is very small. When the AC signal passes through the coil, self-induction electromotive force is generated at both ends of the coil. The direction of the self-induced electromotive force is opposite to the direction of the applied voltage, hindering the communication. Pass through, so the characteristic of the inductance is to pass and hinder AC, the higher the frequency, the greater the impedance of the coil. Inductors can form an oscillation circuit with a capacitor in the circuit. Inductors generally have a straight standard method and a color standard method. The color standard method is similar to a resistor. Such as: brown, black, gold, gold represents 1uH (error 5%) inductance.
Inductance measurement: Inductor quality inspection includes appearance and resistance measurement. First, check whether the appearance of the inductor is intact, whether there is magnetic defect, crack, whether the metal part is corroded and oxidized, whether the mark is completely clear, and whether the wiring is broken. Injuries, etc. Use a multimeter to perform preliminary tests on the inductor, measure the DC resistance of the coil, and compare it with the original known normal resistance value. If the detected value is significantly higher than the normal value, or the pointer does not move, it may be an inductor. On-body disconnection. If it is much smaller than the normal value, it can be judged that the inductor body is seriously short-circuited, and the partial short circuit of the coil needs to be detected with a special instrument.

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