It is an indisputable fact that the appliance industry has entered the new normal.

At present, it is an indisputable fact that home appliances have entered the new normal. The new normal is an imaginary era. It seems that when all new products appear, people must give such a loud exclamation—so it can be. If it is said that the appearance of a product has guided people's needs, then it is now demand-triggering product innovation, and then the charm of the product will inspire people to buy.

In other words, it is the pain point that the product touches people's needs, and ultimately leads to purchase behavior. At this point, consumption no longer simply requires the use value of goods, but also identity value or symbol value.

Then, under the new normal, how can products better meet the needs of consumers and fulfill their mission better? The Internet gives us more and more innovative opportunities and platforms to choose from, as the new normal Home appliance dealers must be more ideological, using Internet thinking to promote home appliance product marketing.

"Update" is the same as "Innovation"

The large-scale use of home appliances in the modern sense of the country is synchronized with the reform and opening up and has a history of more than 30 years. After more than 30 years of development, traditional household electrical appliances—color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners—have completed the universal mission of history and gradually entered a new era of “renewal”.

Traditional home appliance products have entered the era of updating, and it does not mean that the home appliance industry has entered a new era. Because on the one hand, as the level of national income rises, demand is also escalating to a higher level. On the other hand, with the advancement of science and technology, new technologies and new materials have been applied to product innovation. For example, color TVs, from CRTs to LCDs, from LEDs to OLEDs, from flat surfaces to curved surfaces, from high definition to ultra high definition, are both inevitable outcomes of technological advancements and are the result of increasing demand.

In addition to traditional home appliance categories, new products have been added to the ranks of home appliances. Mature microwave ovens, rice cookers, soya-bean milk makers, and blenders are also in place. Some home appliances such as fans, radios, and tape recorders have been marginalized.

However, in the era of endless new technologies and new materials, there is no shortage of innovative products that are constantly on the rise. For example, these two years of fire water appliances, air clean appliances and strange electrical appliances.

The face of the ever-changing home appliance industry, home appliance dealers should realize that the future of the home appliance industry should be that old home appliances are eliminated, and newer appliances are available. The home appliance industry is an everlasting sunrise industry. Therefore, we must use a spirit of continuous learning to welcome, operate, and enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought by home appliances to our distributors in the future. It must not be possible to zoom into the entire home appliance category because of the end of the life cycle of an appliance.

Network resources need to be used with caution

Networking, mobile internet, is a vocabulary that this new normal cannot hide. It is also a double-edged sword. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the media, especially the popularization of smart phones, almost everyone is a small “media”. At the same time, each individual is also a business operator and becomes part of the public venture. This is thanks to the Internet. , especially mobile internet.

For example, each home appliance manufacturer has basically touched the net, either by cooperating with an e-commerce provider, or by building an online mall, or by using an online platform. Without touching the net seems to be out of touch with this era, it will be seen as an alternative, and it comes down to the unfamiliar layman.

If we stand in an objective and rational position and remove the irrational impulses that blindly follow blindly, we must also treat the Internet in two parts. On the one hand, we cannot deny that the Internet as a new productivity factor is the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry in the future, and embraces the Internet with a learning attitude. On the other hand, according to its own characteristics and according to Internet thinking, it should maximize the Internet's modern tools. Limits apply to work.

The kind of attitude that rejects, contradicts, and does not accept new things is very harmful. Because, as the new productivity factor, the Internet represents the future development direction, and the confrontation with the trend is doomed to run into trouble. However, it is not possible to use the Internet as a panacea. Anything involves the Internet.

The correct way and method should be to actively study Internet knowledge and apply the new thinking mode of the Internet to specific tasks. Business to the extreme service, manufacturing products to do the ultimate. But not taking the Internet as a panacea as an excuse. Carefully integrate the Internet with traditional work, not the concept. Of course, "moderation" is very important for Internet resources. It must not be replaced by it.

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