LED intelligent lighting era is getting closer

Controlling LED lights requires more information and expertise than controlling traditional light sources. Due to the many manufacturers in the LED market, LED products lack uniform standards and reliability. Different manufacturers use different types of control methods, including normal phase or reverse phase, 0-10V, DALI and DMX, etc., and the lighting control system must match the type of control used by the LED to operate. On this basis, You must also refer to the LED's current, power, and voltage parameters, so you must refer to the details in the spec sheet, and the data is not guaranteed to be accurate. In addition, as far as the LED itself is concerned, some LED lights can be dimmed, but some are not. Even those that are adjustable, some can only be dimmed by 50% and some may have flicker and noise problems during dimming. Some LEDs may be slow to respond to dimming and cannot respond to regulation from start to finish, while some LEDs do not synchronize on the same circuit. Most importantly, due to the uneven quality of LED driver products, some drivers have broken down within the rated lifetime of LEDs, and the rated life of LEDs is usually between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. This is why Lutron has introduced an LED driver with a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, because this is the only way to ensure the best dimming performance, reliability and compatibility of LED lamps.
The biggest advantage of LED is its controllability. The full expression of LED lighting energy-saving concept, the realization of digitalization and the value added outside of lighting are inseparable from the support of intelligent control system. At the same time, the intelligent control system can completely eliminate the ambiguity of traditional lighting definition and promote the transformation of the green lighting industry.
With the continuous improvement of light efficiency and cost performance of LED lighting products and the maturity of lighting control technology, LED intelligent lighting has gradually become a major trend in the industry. This is undoubtedly a great promotion and incentive for us Lutron, there is more space to develop new technologies, and together to submit better answers for energy conservation and environmental protection issues. We hope that the LED market will develop towards standardization and quality. There are uniform standards and detailed product specifications. While emphasizing the durability of LEDs, we must also produce LED drivers that are equally durable.
In addition to the technical challenges, for the application of LED intelligent lighting control, it is also a challenge to continue to promote the concept of intelligent lighting control and expand its market awareness. Nowadays, more and more consumers tend to adopt LED products because of environmental protection and energy saving, but in fact many of them do not understand. LED products can save more energy by using intelligent lighting control system. To achieve greater environmental protection. Therefore, Road Creation is a pioneer in the field of lighting regulation. While complying with the LED market boom and developing more products suitable for LED, it will continue to promote the advanced technology of intelligent lighting control to the market. But overall, we still maintain a very optimistic attitude, as long as the mainstream of environmental protection still exists, the importance of intelligent lighting control system is undeniable, and the lighting control system will eventually become the public choice.

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