LED lighting technology in the plant factory application of hot LED agricultural production four advantages highlight

There is a scene in the movie "Mars Rescue": the astronaut Mark, who is left alone on Mars, uses technology to make water and fertilizer, and grows potatoes on the desert Mars. A similar plot became a reality in Foshan, Guangdong.

Located in the Guangdong Modern Agriculture (Plant Factory) Application Demonstration Base in Luohai, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, a 150-square-meter room, a green vegetable seedling on a 4-layer three-dimensional cultivation rack is growing vigorously, and the top layer of each shelf is installed. A row of red led lights , below is a nutrient solution without soil culture.

The head of the demonstration base, Shi Shirong, said that the characteristics of the plant factory are that semiconductor lighting ( LED ) provides illumination for plant growth, combined with soilless cultivation technology and intelligent control of water and fertilizer integration, and gathered many technical factors. The base can currently cultivate up to 20,000 leafy vegetables at a time.

Yang Qichang, director of the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the agricultural applications of LED lighting technology, especially the plant factory technology, have become hotter at home and abroad in recent years. There are more than 110 plant factories in China.

Yang Qichang said that plant factories are one of the concentrated manifestations of agricultural science and technology development. Compared with traditional agricultural production methods, they have many advantages. First, they are less affected by external climate and have relatively stable production capacity. Second, land and space resources are more efficient. Third, the degree of automation of production is high, and the output is relatively high. Fourth, it can effectively avoid pollution such as heavy metals.

Chen Siqiu, director of the Science and Technology Education Department of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture, believes that the plant factory organically integrates the LED industry with agriculture, using the factory model to develop modern agriculture, and greatly reducing the dependence on land resources. In the context of the large number of people in China, droughts and floods, frequent pests and diseases, and so on, there will be great achievements.

However, there is still a long way to go before plant factories can be truly applied to actual production. “The development of plant factories in China started relatively late, and there is still a gap compared with the international ones. The scale of China's plant factories is small, the scale of single products is small, and there are many demonstration and display stages.” Agricultural lighting technology innovation and application strategy Union Secretary-General Liu Wenke said.

Moreover, plant plant technology has high development costs, long cycle times, and complex technical parameters. The technical staff of the Guangdong Modern Agriculture (Plant Factory) Application Demonstration Base said that according to preliminary calculations, the cost per kilogram of cabbage grown in the plant factory needs 30 yuan per half kilogram, plus the circulation cost, the price will be higher.

"In the future, after standardization of plant factory technology, we can basically overcome the above problems, and then we will realize large-scale development and provide products to ordinary families. This will promote the advancement of agricultural science and technology and contribute to the development of science and technology in China." Yang Qichang said.

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