Lianjian Optoelectronics: Outreach mergers and acquisitions gradually landed, digital media giant ships set sail

The traditional main business is growing steadily: the company is a leading LED display manufacturer in China. In the face of fierce competition, the company's Nugget LED small-pitch market, small-pitch LED display system independently researched and developed by the company is well received by the market; in 2015, the horizontal merger and acquisition of Easycom, the overseas marketing capabilities significantly improved. In 2015, the LED display business achieved revenue of 780 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.6%. In the past five years, the compound growth rate reached 11.8%, and the gross profit margin reached 35%, significantly higher than the industry average. The stable profitability of traditional business is a strong support for the company's performance.

A transformation, into the outdoor media. The company has entered the outdoor media market in an all-round way, and has successively acquired outdoor media companies such as Timeshare Media and Ocean Media. It has become a nationwide outdoor advertising operator. At the same time, the company acquired Youtuo PR, Litang Marketing, and cut into the public relations service industry. Resonance with the outdoor media business.

In 2015, the outdoor media and public relations services business contributed 440 million yuan and 300 million yuan respectively, and the revenue accounted for 48.5%, which became the company's new profit growth point.

The second transformation, test water digital marketing. Keeping pace with the times, the company set out to deploy digital marketing business to implement the online and offline synchronization development strategy. Through the acquisition of accurate segmentation, Shenzhen Lima and other online advertising marketers, the company develops its network marketing business. So far, the company's "Digital Outdoor Media Group" prototype has taken shape and become a provider of online digital and offline outdoor advertising communication solutions.

Focus on the future, layout VR education. In 2015, the company successfully built the first educational application case based on VR+LED small-pitch technology in China, exploring the application of VR technology in the field of education, and will have a leading advantage in the competition in this segment in the future.

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