Marvell announces smart LED controller

Marvell announces smart LED controller
Marvell Microelectronics (NASDAQ: MRVL) announced the new Marvell® 88EM8189 AC/DC LED integrated driver IC. The I2C-compatible digital integrated interface can be connected to a network microcontroller that can run lighting control protocols such as ZigBee. Provides a full range of high quality optical rotation from 100% to 1% for smart wireless light bulbs. The Marvell88EM8189 chip can integrate high-efficiency AC power into a DC power supply to supply standby power to the network chip, which in turn significantly reduces the cost of required electronic parts (BOM). Installing the Marvell® 88 EM8189 allows smart wireless light bulb network circuits to use low standby power when the lights are off, allowing the system to meet Energy Star standards. In addition, the technology of the tangential LED driver chip 88EM817 is also used in the intelligent lamp controller 88EM8189, which is compatible with the existing tangential dimmer as a system level option. Currently, Marvell and global customers are testing the Marvell88EM8189 LED driver.
Philip Poulidis, general manager and vice president of Marvell's IoT business unit, said: “As consumers increasingly understand the benefits of using smart LED bulbs in the home, Marvell’s new LED driver controller is part of Marvell’s end-to-end smart lighting platform. Helps users convert from dimmer-controlled LEDs to intelligent network-connected smart bulbs that can be controlled via smart phones and tablets.The innovative technology of the 88EM8189 chip will provide even greater user experience through the Internet and the market. The existing dimmers are compatible for automated wireless lighting control, significantly reducing prices.
The Marvell88EM8189 LED driver chip is part of the Marvell smart lighting platform, including the 88MZ100ZigBee microcontroller, the 88MC200Wi-Fi microcontroller, and the low-cost ZigBee Wi-Fi integrated gateway solution (ZigBee-to-Wi-Figatewaysolution). The Marvell Smart Lighting Platform fully supports the ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA) and ZigBee Lighting Link (ZLL) open protocols, and mobile device users can access the Wi-Fi network login platform. Marvell has built a complete ecosystem around the platform, including original equipment manufacturers (ODMs) and cloud software partners to provide the market with ready-to-run solutions. Marvell's open architecture allows smart light bulbs to connect with home gateways provided by retailers and service providers.
The main advantages of the Marvell88EM8189 controller include:
· Single-stage fly-back or buck-boost structure
Integrated Digital Interface for Network Microcontrollers with Digital Dimming via ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PLC, and other technologies
Integrated AC-DC converters range from bias power supplies to network microcontrollers
· Meet the ENERGYSTAR 500 milliwatt standby power consumption standard when the lamp is turned off
·Reverse compatibility with global tangential dimmer
· Reduced BOM costs with a dual-chip lighting solution with 8EM8189 and connected devices
The best electrical performance of the driver; 1. The power factor is greater than 0.952. The driver efficiency is as high as 90%. 3. The total harmonic distortion rate is less than 20%.

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