Microsoft Project Scorpio heavy news will be announced in June

Microsoft Project Scorpio heavy news will be released in June from Baidu VR

After Microsoft’s new game console, Project Scorpio, was announced in June of last year, officials have not disclosed more news. Now Microsoft's Xbox official Twitter post said that the Xbox E3 briefing will be held at 2 pm Pacific time on June 11 (5 am Beijing time, June 12th), which will bring you heavy news.

The pictures released from the Xbox official Twitter show that the protagonist of this press conference is undoubtedly the highly anticipated Project Scorpio. The information that Project Scorpio plans to list during the year is currently available to provide true 4K games and a high fidelity VR experience, 6 trillion floating-point operations, 320GB of memory bandwidth, and 8 CPU cores.

We are most concerned about how Project Scorpio provides a high fidelity VR experience. Previously, according to Shannon Loftis, Xbox game release general manager, Project Scorpio will allow developers to achieve at least 90 fps in virtual reality games. For the specific plans of Project Scorpio to support VR heads, it is not clear whether it is working with Oculus to support Rift, or support the first batch of Windows Holographic VR heads from Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and 3Glasses partners, or other VR support program.

In addition, information about Project Scorpio's specific launch date, selling price, and more technical parameters, etc., is also announced at the press conference.

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