Movie Trends: Huayi Brothers Shares US VR Camera Company Lytro

Movie Trends: Huayi Brothers shares American VR camera company Lytro from Baidu VR

In recent years, Huayi Brothers has been paying close attention to the VR field. It has invested in the Storm Mirror and the St. Vitus Company. The cross-border investment in Lytro is even more important for the future of the entertainment industry. Lytro Cinema uses light field technology that captures detailed depth and direction of all light entering the lens. This allows the photographer to adjust the focus of the film after shooting and choose the best angle. The director does not have to re-shoot the entire scene every time the photographer is not satisfied. In most cases, he can make adjustments in post-production. In addition Lytro Cinema's image has depth information. The depth can be used to separate the background. After that, the green screen is no longer needed.

According to the letter of intent, Huayi Brothers will obtain the priority of cooperation and best terms of Lytro products in mainland China. Huayi Brothers can promote the promotion and application of Lytro products in China with its industry resources and network of relationships, and gain investment income at the same time. Some sources pointed out that other investors participating in this round of financing include Foxconn, Qualcomm, and several well-known multinational corporations and investment institutions such as the EDBI under the Singapore Economic Development Bureau.

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