On2 Technologies licenses VP6 video decoder technology

On2 Technologies licenses VP6 video decoder technology to videanTIs

On2 Technologies, a leader in video compression solutions, announced that videanTIs has obtained a license to use the VP6 video decoder source code for the implementation of videanTIs v-MPx programmable processor platform.

videanTIs provides a flexible IP core for advanced multimedia applications, and its videantis v-MPx platform has an optimized dedicated instruction set and parallel processing functions, and uses software upgrades instead of hardware replacement to support high-performance video and image processing Implementation plan of the task. The v-MPx platform can be used for customized integrated circuits from mobile applications to home entertainment, automotive and security products, and videantis technology has been fully verified in various silicon and FPGA prototyping systems.

Matt Frost, the interim CEO of On2 Technologies, said: "We are very pleased to see that videantis customers can get the best playback experience of high-quality VP6 content from their favorite video sites."

Young-Hun Kluge, vice president of sales and marketing at videantis, said: "Our codec (codec) library has added On2 VP6, so that products using the videantis v-MPx processor platform only need to be upgraded through simple software, without With a complete re-spin of the silicon device, you can access many popular high-quality Internet video content. "

videantis can now immediately license the videantis v-MPx processor platform series with On2 VP6.

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