Outdoor lighting trends: emphasis on light efficiency and light design

With the continuous improvement of LED technology and efficiency, most of the LED street lamp manufacturers emphasize heat dissipation and reliability. In this exhibition, LED street lamp manufacturers pay more attention to the concept of sustainable operation. Therefore, through the replacement of LED street light modules, maintenance costs can be reduced, and the service life of LED lamps can be extended.

In addition, LED street lamp manufacturers used reflectors to concentrate light on the road surface to prevent light from affecting homes or crops. But this exhibition also sees more and more LED manufacturers using special shapes of optical lens design to solve such problems.

From the lighting design trends of several large factories, HELLA, which is famous for its automotive lighting, emphasizes the concept of long-term operation. Taking the automotive industry as an example, automotive lighting manufacturers need to ensure that the car manufacturer can still buy the same components after many years. HELLA's streetlight products in this exhibition also emphasize the same concept. Through the standardized light source module design, when the street lamp has passed the five-year warranty period, the customer can still find the LED lighting module with the same luminous flux and color temperature. It is a product that is less energy-intensive due to improved luminous efficiency.

CREE also announced its product technology in this exhibition, emphasizing that the current laboratory stage can reach 303lm / W. In addition, its Edge series of outdoor LED lighting products can achieve high luminous flux and 831W street lighting products.

In general, traditional street lamp manufacturers pay more attention to the exterior design. How to combine the appearance of the lamps with the surrounding environment is the core value of these traditional street lamp manufacturers. However, with the advancement of technology, the concept of intelligent regulation and control can not be less, even combined with multi-purpose use such as road monitoring. Therefore, how to combine technology and tradition will be an important issue for these street lamp manufacturers in the future.

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