Packaging future development trend: high light efficiency, high concentration, low cost

With the emerging new forms of packaging, where is the future development of packaging? Will it be merged into upstream chips or downstream applications? The reporter interviewed representatives of packaging companies in the industry to provide reference for chip manufacturers to grasp the future market demand.

Among them, Dr. Li Cheng, deputy general manager of Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said that new materials and new structures will continue to be innovated, and a series of high-power new products will emerge. In addition, some features that integrate specific functions will continue to emerge. Package the product.

However, the mainstream power types of packaged products will still be mainly concentrated on medium-power TOP devices and high-power COB products, corresponding to surface-type, line-type lighting applications and products requiring high-light or high-concentration.

Mr. Ye Tingwei, Director of Lighting Module Marketing Department of Taiwan Longda Electronics Co., Ltd. and Director Wang of the Chip Marketing Business Department told the New Century LED Network reporter that the trend of packaging products in the future is to reduce the manufacturing process and cost of packaging. Down, in general, the direction has the following numbers:

1) Higher light efficiency: LED is not only the focus of future energy conservation, but the efficiency is naturally the trend of future chips.

2) Higher concentration: Unlike conventional light sources, LEDs emit light in a narrow spectrum. Improve wavelength and brightness concentration and increase visual consistency of end products.

3) Higher power: High-power chips can reduce the amount of chip used in the terminal products. In addition to reducing costs, it can also improve quality stability.

4) Integrated integration capability: Introduce integrated circuit process to expand the traditional process defects. For example, high-voltage chips can be manufactured through Air Bridge technology, which can improve the efficiency of Drivers, especially in applications. This technique is even more important when the number of chips in a luminaire is reduced in response to a reduction in cost.

5) High temperature heat dissipation capability. LEDs are used in a closed environment where the driver is another source of heat in addition to the LED itself. Traditionally, for high-power products, active heat dissipation on the luminaires will increase many costs, and after high-temperature operation capability, the cost will be greatly reduced. This technique is relatively easy in GaN products (thus it is not the correct direction to complement the quaternary red light).

6) Reduce costs: At present, the chip factory, some adopt the provincial support and the gold-plated flip chip, there are also high-voltage chips to save power costs. However, the yield problem has always been an indicator of the efforts of major manufacturers!

Corporate voice:

Liu Guoxu, executive vice president and chief scientist of Yimeixinguang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., mentioned that medium and high power patch products will still exist, but will gradually shrink to 2-3 mainstream forms, similar to 0.5 watt and 1W 2835 or 3030. The other is an integrated package, like a COB product, or even a light engine or optical module that integrates LED drivers.

Ma Wenbo, Dean of the Industrial Research Institute of Sichuan Baishi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., talked about four directions: 1. The smaller the package size, the better, to facilitate the light distribution of LED spotlights and other lighting products; 2. The future COB will have a relatively large Development, and how to reduce the light-emitting area of ​​COB and improve the light efficiency and reliability of COB is a problem that must be broken in the future. 3. Improve the color uniformity of the package product space, which is an important direction to meet the development requirements of future lighting quality.

Liu Hailang, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Hangke Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. also said that in the past three years, the development trend of packaging is mainly TOP. In the next three to five years, it should be switched to COB. In the past two years, COB is mainly to improve the process, batch Production preparation while reducing costs. The stability of the parameters of the chip is important, that is, the consistency of different batches is critical.

Dr. Xu, the general manager of Wuhu Ruituo Electronics, ETI Device Division of Dehao Runda, also expressed different views. The packaging application of flip chip and high voltage chip is gradually becoming mainstream.

Qiu Dengming, head of research and development at Huarui Optoelectronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. expressed different views. He said that most of the chip factories are now slowly involved in downstream packaging. Therefore, the changes in the form of packaging are many, and in the future, there will be more integration of chips and packages.

Shenzhen Dawei Light Source Co., Ltd. engineering director and general assisted dragon first pointed out that in the future, 2835 for household lighting (T-tube) and 3535 commercial lighting (spotlights) as the main trend.

Sha Lei, an engineer at Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., said that in the next three years, packaged products may be oriented toward small-size high-current, high-voltage LEDs and integration of drivers and light sources.

Biyuan Optoelectronics said that the area made from flexible matching can be considered large or small, circuit design and other aspects, the patch should be the development direction. The designer of the special core sales engineer mentioned that the future development trend of the packaged products is module and integration. Industry inside Mike also said that the development trend may be normalized and differentiated, and the package form will be relatively fixed, each with its own advantages.

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