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618 E-Commerce War has just ended. Although major businesses have carried out various forms of promotional activities during the period, they did not think about how they participated. Now that there is a need for purchase, it is found that the promotion has just passed and did not catch up with the promotion. Although there are many kinds of tricks, products with large price reductions also have several models. Other products either have lower price cuts or have no price cuts at all. It is not easy for users to buy TV products that exactly fit their needs. In fact, many TV products have not risen after the holiday season and are still very affordable.

Compared with digital electronics, home furnishings and daily necessities, some large home appliance pens such as TV users are more cautious. Users who do not need to replace their TVs for the time being will not be able to purchase TVs because of price cuts. It is because of this that many consumers miss many promotions.

Consumers buy large home appliances such as TVs. It is of course possible to enjoy a certain amount of discounts on holiday selections. However, it does not mean that on non-holiday holidays, the price of television must be high. Now 618 has just passed. Attentive users can also verify the price before and after comparison. In fact, buying a TV should not only be aimed at cheaper, consumers should pay more attention to quality and performance, and can well meet the needs of users. Here I recommend several popular 55-inch TV products for everyone.

The drop of up to 1000 Samsung's second-generation quantum dot flagship

Compared with traditional TVs, curved screen TVs are more in line with human eye viewing habits and have a better presence. Today, we recommend a new quantum dot curved screen TV - Samsung UA55KS9800JXXZ. This TV is equipped with a 55-inch 4K curved screen, manufactured using Samsung's second-generation quantum dot technology, which can effectively enhance the picture. effect. In addition, the TV also has a Tizen intelligent system that can enjoy the support of multiple smart applications. Currently in the Jingdong Mall offer 17999 yuan, a drop of up to 1,000 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.

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The Samsung UA55KS9800JXXZ TV uses the second-generation quantum dot technology developed by Samsung. This new technology can improve the overall picture quality of the TV and make the color difference more vivid and natural. 360-degree slim thin frame design, with 4200R gold curved surface screen, it can bring users an excellent sense of presence, better viewing effect.

Dark black anti-reverse technology allows you to watch TV lights

Supports automatic depth-of-field optimization

In terms of smart features, this Samsung TV has a brand-new Tizen intelligent system that can achieve multiple functions. Faster system startup time allows quick access to live TV and other smart applications. In addition, it has also prepared a well-received mango TV video-on-demand platform for users and provided Hunan Satellite TV with a massive amount of hot variety shows. Over one million hours of content can be watched at any time.

Easy to use Tizen intelligent system, easy to control

The author's comment: Samsung UA55KS9800JXXZ TV has advanced quantum dot technology, so that the quality of the TV has been significantly improved, suitable for users with high quality requirements. With the support of Tizen intelligent system, you can also watch a variety of genuine video resources, and the function is also very rich.
Samsung UA55KS9800JXXZ
[Reference price] 17999 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

True 4K Surface HDR Hisense LED55EC760UC

Hisense LED55EC760UC adopts quicksand hot silver border and CNC cutting technology, making Hisense LED55EC760UC smart TV look texture, dignity, and more like a piece of art, no matter what kind of decoration style will be a good embellishment. The curved screen with natural curvature matches the solid streamlined base and extends the beauty of the arc to the maximum. In particular, the stunning narrow border is the finishing touch, providing a larger proportion of the screen while also creating a deeper sense of presence.

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Hisense LED55EC760UC equipped with 55 inch 4K curved screen, equipped with Hisense bright 4Kpro display system, 4K noise reduction and NR processing functions, creating 8294400 brilliant pixels on the screen, high resolution, plus realistic colors and deeper black, Huai'an very vivid . With 4K color enhancement technology, 4K ultra-high definition image quality of 4 times full HD is achieved, restoring vivid and natural colors. The 64-bit movement with a quad-core A53 architecture can easily handle large-scale online games. The six-core Mail450 GPU is equipped with a quad-core NEON coprocessor, and the perfect image processing is accompanied by a powerful operating speed. The 1.5GRAM+8GROM storage control is fully controlled. Movies and games.

55-inch 4K surface allows the experiencer to enjoy a better picture quality experience. The best 4000R golden curvature of the smart TV is in line with the curvature characteristics of the same curvature of the human eye lens. It is easy to realize the parallelism between the television and the eyeball, and it can be imaged without eye treatment, which is more suitable for visual information dissemination. Hisense LED55EC760UC is equipped with VIDAA3 system. It is a simple smart TV operating system. The third generation is optimized based on VIDAA2 in terms of human-computer interaction, and adjusts the interface details according to the user's habits, enriching video resources, game applications. , learning courses and other content, as well as a series of used APP.

Edit Comment: Hisense LED55EC760UC is equipped with an independent audio bar with a pre-sounding design, and after-sounding sound design, which can bring excellent stereo sound effects in any direction, and effectively avoid the space limitations of an independent external audio system, while carrying Hi -sound professional audio solutions to enjoy a wider audio range. Hisense this curved TV is a very cost-effective TV, the screen quality, sound design, system stability is worth buying.

Hisense LED55EC760UC

[Reference price] 4999 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

2999+ promotional gifts cool open 55 inch 4K Flash

With the progress of the times, television has also undergone a series of evolution. As TV size continues to increase, it also combines the functions of computers and other devices. Internet TV has become an indispensable part of certain fashionable family life. Cool open TV low-key released cool open "Flash" U55c. As a price-friendly, performance is very good, very cool experience to open the U55C, the current Jingdong Mall price of 2999 yuan, and is now catching up with cool open 728 event promotions, buy TV to send many gifts, interested friends click to enter Activity interface.

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Cool open U55C machine uses environmentally friendly materials and processes to manufacture, refused to use electroplating, heavy metals and other materials, not only reflects the idea of ​​environmental protection, but also to avoid the health threat posed by radioactive particles in heavy metals. In the frame design, using ultra-narrow frame design, a very narrow 5.9mm frame. Performance, cool open U55C equipped with quad-core Cortex A53 1.4GHz processor, six-core Mali450 GPU, dual-core quality processor, 4GB dual-channel DDR3 memory +8GB eMMC high-speed flash memory, support for H.265, H.264 hard decoding.

U55C not only has a high quality and delicate picture, the appearance is also very stylish, ultra-narrow frame design, ultra-thin body, without the size of the base is only 123867714mm, a very narrow border is only 5.9mm, wall or flat can be perfect with the living room Fusion is a work of art in the living room. The unique transparent panel can not only show superb craftsmanship and superior materials from the inside but also can reflect its uniqueness. The one-piece seat hanger can be used for both flat and wall-mounting, which is very flexible.

Cool open U55C as a U series tripod, in the design adhering to the cool open has always been a high standard, the hardware configuration is very luxurious, using the industry's top 64-bit chip, with 64-bit Cool open 5.0 system, allowing users to experience Very smooth and comfortable. 55-inch 4K screen, fine detail, with more excellent image effects, combined with a rich video resources, so that large-screen 4K smart TV gradually replaced traditional television, an indispensable entertainment terminal for the living room, if interested in this product, Learn more and believe that this product will impress you.

Cool open U55C

[Reference price] 2999 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

Strong 14 nuclear + full ecological HDR TCL D55A730U

At present, 4K TV has gradually become the standard configuration of everyday home smart TVs, and television programs have become more attractive. Young people also choose TCLA730U TVs with a solid black design, 55-inch large screen, and Ultra HD 4K resolution. With Android 5.0 operating system, brings simple smart, colorful home entertainment experience. At present, this TV quotes 3,799 yuan. Friends who are interested in this product can learn more about it.

TCL D55A730U

The TCL A730U TV has a 55-inch screen size and an ultra-high definition 4K (3840×2160) resolution. It adopts full ecological HDR technology to provide more dynamic range and image detail, providing better picture quality brightness and dynamic range. High, wide color gamut, bright scenes, and dark field details appear more fully. Its relatively modest size can also adapt to the living room decoration of most families, and the appearance of the atmosphere can bring a sense of science and technology to the home as a whole.

TCL's this product uses RG phosphor high color LED backlight, high purity new red + powder + enriched filter, backlight higher purity, color reproduction is better, more layers of color. This product is also equipped with a patented hybrid dimming and natural light technology, highlighting does not flicker, reduce radiation, while improving energy efficiency while improving image quality, allowing users to watch more comfortable for a long time, not fatigue, help protect vision.

TCL A730U built-in Android 5.0 system, full support for 64-bit processors, make the task run more smoothly. It is equipped with a video platform for watching movie kings, which covers a wide range of video resources such as film and television dramas, variety shows, animations, and sports live broadcasts. It can basically meet the viewing needs of the vast majority of people. Subdivided video areas are also more convenient to find. Friends interested in this product may wish to take a deep look at this product.

[Reference price] 3,799 yuan [Dealer] Zhongta Dazhong [Business address] No. 11 West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing [Contact] Wang Guowen 18601351358

Only 3399 Skyworth 55-inch 4K HDR TV

In the face of a blossoming Internet TV brand, Skyworth chose to face the battle and continuously improve its hardware configuration and system services. With 18-core processing solutions, many Internet TVs were directly smashed in the cradle, and the company was trying hard to create a Cool Open System 5.0, which will bring industrial spirit and The perfect integration of the Internet has created a user-centric family ecosystem that encompasses film and television, games, music, shopping, education, and tourism. One of the Skyworth 55V6 TVs is priced at 3,399 yuan. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.

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Skyworth 55V6 is really under the capital, using A9 architecture 4-core processor, plus 8-core image processor 18-core processing program, whether it is a large game experience or 4K decoding playback, said no pressure, appearance As always, take the simple design style, using all-metal splicing technology borders, inverted triangle floating frame design plus the brushed metal processing, making the screen depth of sense doubled, the color of cold silver color scheme to let people watch TV is like enjoying the illusion of the picture frame .

Skyworth is eager to launch Coolopen System 5.0 to create a smart home with a user-centric family ecosystem. From the simple interface operation to the customizable system UI, from the simplest interface operation to the most in-depth system customization, Coolopen System 5.0 has achieved the same. Film and television, games, music, shopping, education, and tourism are all elements of life that people are familiar with.

Skyworth 55V6 TV adopts the industry's ultra-high level 18-core processing program, giving consumers a pinch of effort in running fluency, and pricing of 3199 yuan reflects Skyworth's sincerity. Although the pricing is low, but the materials and technology are not discounted, inverted triangle floating box design, to avoid homogenization of the product, bringing a unique artistic enjoyment. The independent four-tone cavity design and 4-color 4K screen ensure consumers the best experience in both picture quality and sound quality.

Skyworth 55V6
[Reference price] 3399 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

55 inch 4K surface new micro whale W55C1J

The word “surface” has been extremely hot in the color TV industry in the past two years. Each brand seems to be embarrassed to call it a high-end product if it does not bend the screen. In the field of Internet brands, LeTV was the first to launch its own curved surface television. The micro-whale, which is also an Internet TV brand, naturally cannot lag behind. As early as the beginning of this year, micro-whales continuously released new products within two months. From the 50-inch ultra-thin assassin to the 55-inch Pro model, micro-whales are rapidly catching up with the trend of the industry, and step-by-step upgrades and enhancements have appeared. The trend that comes from behind. This time, the micro whale also closely follows the pace of the curved surface era and launched its latest curved TV product.

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At present, most smart TVs basically use integrated TV chips. Like computers with integrated graphics, image processing capabilities are limited. But the Microwhale W55 Curved TV has a two-chip design. It uses a desktop-class 64-bit processor and an independent MStar 6M60 image processing chip. Just like the addition of a discrete graphics card, the image processing performance is greatly enhanced, allowing you to see even more images. Naturally smooth, it is more fun to play racing games or watch football matches.

The Microwhale W55C1J TV has applied the GITV Central Galaxy Internet TV licensee. At the same time, Tencent Video, Mango TV and VICE have integrated many quality resources. Through testing, it has also been found that anyone who registers a micro-whale account on television for the first time will receive a micro-whale member for free for one year, and the hottest videos can be easily watched. At the same time, micro-whales also used CMC's film industry, Oriental DreamWorks, IMAX China and other film agencies, making the TV content classification up to 10.

Only rich content of a qualified Internet TV is not enough, and the microwhale W55C1J TV not only provides rich content services relying on a strong background support; at the same time, 4K screen with 4000R golden curvature and HiFi-class audio can bring more. For shocking on-the-spot feelings, industrial design also reflects the concept of micro-whales for a new generation of students; system UI is also the heart of the same, Douban and other trendy Internet factors to join the micro-whale TV as a veritable Internet TV products.

Little Whale W55C1J

[Reference price] 4698 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

Host performance 4K large screen music as Super 4 X55

LeTV 4 X55 The whole body design and cloud base are all metal materials, the overall consistency is very good, so it seems a sense of one's feelings, the texture is in line with the needs of modern homes. From the appearance of materials, product design, chip specifications, gold ear certification speaker system, 3GB large memory equipped with 32GB of built-in storage, this product is still relatively conscience at the hardware level, plus HDR technology support, for only 3599 yuan is very value .

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LeTV 4 X55 adopts aviation-grade aluminum metal, which makes the 9.9mm ultra-thin body unimaginable and its thickness is only two-thirds that of the previous generation 3 X55. The ultra-narrow metal frame adopts a stepped design to make it even thinner, and the drilling process is more quality. The Super 4 X55 adopts the latest and strongest smart TV flagship chip MStar6A938. The security Bunny ran up to 65,000 points. Compared with the previous generation Mstar6A928, the overall performance increased by 41%, laying an important foundation for the game experience created in 2016.

Real 4K UHD big screen

LeTV's latest EUI 5.8 TV - Springer operating system, the system can achieve multiple types of desktop management, and realize the stream of consciousness interaction, allowing users to get what they want, fully achieve the content of the desktop and go to the application of, film and television, Sports, games, shopping, music, and other diverse content are desktops, and can be operated on a centralized basis to allow different groups of people to have dedicated content desktops.

LeTV Film and TV

LeTV has always been very hard working in terms of content. Nowadays, from the aspects of film and television, sports, children, games, synchronized cinemas, etc., the layout of the various dimensions is perfect, and with the hardware becoming more and more perfect, the overall feeling is "Reality , value, reliability," LeTV's online video resources to meet the different needs of all ages.

LeTV 4 X55

[Reference price] 3599 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. click to download

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