Porcelain Fuse Cutout, Drop out Fuse 24kv

  • Model NO.: RTF21-24/100A
  • Type: Current Fuse
  • Shape: Circle
  • Fusing Device: Fuse Link
  • HS Code: 85351000, 85351000
  • Fuse Tube Material: Fiber Glass
  • Using Range: Transmission Line
  • Rated Votage: 100A -600A
  • Transport Package: Cartons, Pallets
  • Breaking Capacity: High
  • Usage: High Voltage
  • Fusing Speed: K, T
  • Standard: IEC IEEE
  • Fuse Base Material: Porcelain
  • Drop out Fuse Attachment: NEMA Bracket
  • Rated Voltage: 11kv-38kv
  • Trademark: RIGHT, OEM
  • Origin: China

Condition of Use:
1. The ambient air temperatures within the range of -30 degreeto +40 degree;
2. The altitude above sea level not exceeding 1, 000m; (If the altitude is higher than 1, 000, it needs adjust. )
3. Frequency of the A. C. Power supply not less than 48Hz and not exceeding 52Hz;
4. Earthquake intensity not exceeding 7 degrees;
5. Maximum wind speed not exceeding 35m/s.

Technical Standard:
The technical performance of the products is in confirmed to IEC291, 282.
Type Rated
Power-frequency withstand voltage(KV) Leakage distance(MM) Weight(kg)
RTF21 15-24 100 10 125 45 320 8.0
RTF21 15-24 200 12 125 45 320 8.0

Porcelain Fuse Cutout, Drop out Fuse 24kv

Porcelain Fuse Cutout, Drop out Fuse 24kv

Porcelain Fuse Cutout, Drop out Fuse 24kv
Porcelain Fuse Cutout, Drop out Fuse 24kv

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