Professional introduction of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (3) Department of Electronic Science and Technology (four-year system)

The pre-compilation needs to be solved as follows: 3. Event triggers, etc., must have explicit or implicit identification, which allows to ensure the unique nested active real-time call processing of the identification.

Activities can not only be language program files, language sequences. function. It can also be a sequence of 5 sentences. Embedded, WESQLM.

All questions can be solved with the usual compilation techniques. Pretreatment process 1.

The 10 sentence position 1 embedded in the lexical analyzer is He Xingui. Event algebra and active database. Journal of Computer Science, 1994 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Specialty Introduction Department of Electronic Science and Technology The annual electronic science and technology major is a subject engaged in research and research. The research scope involves the detection, storage, processing, transmission and display of electronic and photonic information. Mainly study the working principle and design technology of electronic materials and electronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits and systems, the technological principles of advanced electronic materials and devices and computer-aided design and testing technology of micro-manufacturing technology, and the design and development of digital information systems and optical communication systems And application management. Main Courses Introduction to Solid Electronics Principles and Applications of Electronic Devices Principle and Design of Integrated Circuits 31 and Principles of System Integration Digital System Optical Communication, Software Technology Foundation, Analog Electronic Technology Digital Electronic Technology, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology, Data Communication and Network Technology, Thin Membrane technology 4 hybrid integrated circuits. Microscopic analysis of electromagnetic fields and microwave technology. Graduates can be engaged in advanced electronic materials and components, microelectronic devices, photonic devices. Large-scale integrated circuits and systems, optical communication theory and technology, digital information system theory and technology, computer-aided design, scientific research, design, manufacturing, operation and management.

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