ROHM has released an updated version of the instant auto dimming LED driver product BD6095GU

Topic: ROHM Co., Ltd., a semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has released an updated version of the instant auto-dimming LED driver product BD6095GU, which can correspond to the LED backlight module of the LCD panel, and will effectively improve the use of white LEDs in backlight modules. Luminous properties. ROHM pointed out that the sample of this product can be shipped in October 2007, the sample price is 500 yen, scheduled to start in February 2008, mass production of 500,000 pieces per month, the front part of this LED driver product The process was carried out at ROHM's Hamamatsu company in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and the latter process was carried out at ROHM Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

The company said that with the rapid development of various portable devices such as game consoles, mobile phones, and digital navigation systems, it is important to maintain image signals for a long time display, and the LCD module will have fatigue for a long time of gaze. The need for automatic dimming, and LED module for power saving, and BD6095GUL this LED backlight driver, coupled with a brightness sensor, can produce up to 256-segment adjustment. The dimming function of the new product is estimated to enable the white LED backlight module using this IC to save one-third of the power consumption of the previous product.

The main features of BD6095GUL:

1. Built-in automatic dimming function, with the brightness sensor connected to the LCD backlight module, can automatically adjust for the surrounding brightness and darkness.
2, can work with the external PWM mechanism, in the case of film display, can also adjust the backlight brightness.
3, built-in high efficiency x1.33 boost circuit.
4, can be used with brightness sensing ICBH1600FVC.
5. When the PWM is operated, the fluctuation of the booster circuit can be minimized to prevent the external condenser from generating sound.
6. When the automatic dimming is performed, the backlight current is adjusted to a stage of 8 bits, and the adjustment of 256 steps can be performed based on 0.1 milliamperes (mA).

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