Samsung UE40JU7000 Experience: Unable to Take Advantage of 4K UHD

Design and function

For the first time, regardless of the UHD TV, the screen size is slightly smaller, but this TV uses a flat design style, rather than the previously popular surface modeling. Most of the midrange and high-end products Samsung introduced during the year have adopted curved surfaces.

The UE40JU7000 also needs to be used with the One Connect Mini, which is a "smart hub". Samsung separates the various ports on the TV and integrates them all into a single hub. Specific to the UE40JU7000 supporting hub, the user can find 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports.

Unlike the hub of Samsung's flagship SUHD TV, the reason for adding the word "mini" to the name of this model is mainly because the manufacturer has retained some of its functions in the TV body and only reduced the back port to eliminate clutter. Cables. The mini version of the hub does not have a TV processor, which means users cannot upgrade by replacing the hub.

The UE40JU7000 supports wireless DLNA and Bluetooth connectivity, and incorporates a Wi-Fi module for accessing media content provided by Samsung. This 4K UHD product is also preloaded with Amazon Prime and Netflix applications.

Because this product does not have the super brightness and wide color gamut panel on the SUHD TV, it cannot support the playback of High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. Taking into account the price of UE40JU7000, this is reasonable.

The TV's backlight is located behind the screen instead of the traditional perimeter, giving the user better contrast performance. In addition, the backlight unit of this product is driven by a local dimming engine, which can better adjust the brightness according to the displayed content.

Image processing is handled by a quad-core chipset, which provides the user with a 1300Hz simulated motion control system through backlight scanning and frame interpolation processing.

In addition, although the UE40JU7000 did not provide Samsung's new Nano Crystal technology, it provided the company's PurColour system launched last year. Because it has more color reference adjustment points, the latter is more delicate than the traditional TV color, but also more Expressiveness.

The last two features worth mentioning are Samsung's Tizen operating system and its ability to play active 3D content. Although the product can upgrade 3D content up to UHD, 3D glasses are not available.


Thanks to the direct lighting system, the UE40JU7000 gives the user an even more impressive viewing experience because the system avoids the drawbacks of traditional backlighting. When used in a dim environment, adjusting the backlight to level 13 or 14 gives better detail in the shade of the picture.

In addition, when viewing ultra-high definition or high-quality HD content, turn off all noise reduction settings and set the local dimming of smart LEDs to medium, which will result in better picture quality. Turning down the TV's sharpness setting will also help.


Although the UE40JU7000 cannot match the height of Samsung's other SUHD TVs, its picture quality is quite outstanding when compared horizontally.

The product's performance in contrast is also outstanding. For the past several years, Samsung has been bringing LCD technology with the best contrast performance to users, even those products that use edge LED lighting. The direct backlight method used by the UE40JU7000 gives it even better contrast performance.

Because of this, the UE40JU7000 can simultaneously display black with a strong sense of hierarchy, dazzling pure white, and colorful colors, and does not appear in the common halo phenomenon that appears on a general LCD.

Although the UE40JU7000 does not support HDR content, it is ironic that under the background of outstanding contrast performance, its picture quality performance is even better than some TVs that claim to support HDR content.

There is no compromise in the exquisite degree of the dynamic picture, dark scenes still retain rich shadow details, even in the brightest areas do not see the existence of glare.

The PurColour system proves its value on this product. The wide color gamut presented by the UE40JU7000 is difficult to see on products with similar price, and even subtle color differences can be expressed.

The UE40JU7000's picture enhancement engine gives the user the level of detail and detail that they cannot experience on other HDTVs without significantly increasing noise. In this respect, the UE40JU7000 is a qualitative leap from the other Samsung UHD engines introduced in 2014.

However, there are several problems with the picture performance of the UE40JU7000. First of all, referring to the performance of other similarly sized TVs, the processing of moving pictures is satisfactory, but there is a phenomenon that the resolution of the moving objects decreases.

Also, if you maintain a normal viewing distance, it is difficult to appreciate the advantages of 4K UHD on this size screen.

3D quality

UE40JU7000 can also bring excellent clarity, brightness and rich color performance to consumers on 3D screens. The ghosting phenomenon can also be well controlled, but the immersiveness brought by the smaller screen size is significantly reduced.

Sound quality

For such flat-screen TVs, the performance of sound quality is always its weakness. However, the product's performance in sound clarity, naturalness of dialogue, and precise reduction is acceptable.

The only problem is that the product does not try to add more low-frequency elements in its wide-sounding performance, so that the overall feeling is thin and sharp.

something else

Although it has a relatively low price, the UE40JU7000 still provides users with two remote controls, one is a traditional remote control, and the other is a smart remote control, which uses more efficient “pointing” "Operation mode, not the usual key navigation mode.

In addition, to talk about the game, for the player, UE40JU7000 can play an outstanding host or PC monitor role.

Select the game preset mode, turn off any extra video processing options, the product's input delay measurement is only 22ms, this is very low for a TV, and this is still a 4K UHD TV, which also means Players can't attribute their bad game achievements to the performance of the UE40JU7000.


Outstanding picture quality; lovely shape; well-performing smart TV operating system.


Too small size limits the impact of UHD and 3D; slight blurred motion picture.

in conclusion

UE40JU7000 is another mature product in Samsung UHD TV, and its price as a 4K UHD TV is particularly cheap, so that it is difficult to find another product with similar price/performance ratio in the same price range.

However, too small a screen size restricts the impact of the UHD picture. The same budget may be more appropriate for buying a full-HDTV with a larger size and equally good picture quality, such as Sony's KDL-55W805C. And if you need to choose a smaller TV for your bedroom, you can also consider a cheaper Full HD TV.

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