Skyworth's new G7 Smart TV: 4-color 4K HDR technology to restore the real picture

In 2016, Skyworth integrated R&D, manufacturing and supply chain with optimal resources. In the spirit of craftsmanship, Skyworth launched its flagship series of new products, G7. Skyworth named it the “China Dream” series and represents a higher level of the entire industry. It carries the Chinese dream created by our national enterprises from China to China, and it also carries Skyworth dreams and high-end dreams that have become the leaders of the global consumer electronics industry.

For television, both hardware and content are standard and are indispensable. The television industry has always followed a hardware-based approach, but the value of content can no longer be ignored. In particular, exclusive, distinctive content is very attractive to users and can enhance users' willingness to pay for viewing. Not long ago, Skyworth announced that it would like to purchase one-to-two-year Tencent video or iQiyi Qiguo VIP member service on the basis of its original content for consumers who purchase high-end TVs. In fact, Skyworth has begun to get involved in content production, viewing content investment as a new strategy, preparing joint production agencies to shoot content, and investing in a number of film and television dramas.
Skyworth G7 TV overall appearance

The design of Skyworth G7 originated from China's modern industrial design aesthetics, its visual simplicity is constantly innovating, and its functional design is in the same line. Thin and light, artistic design concepts can even dilute our understanding of traditional smart TVs, allowing consumers to believe that smart TVs are not just dull televisions. They can also be made so stylish and fashionable, and such The design concept will also interpret the future direction of smart TV.

Alloy sandblasting and diamond chamfering

The frame adopts a champagne gold alloy frame, and the same alloy blasting and diamond chamfering as the high-end products such as Apple computers and mobile phones, the metal texture is stronger, and the curved section design is more closely related to the hand. The chocolate-colored external audio system with its inspiring ballet pedestal makes this TV look more artistic and express its luxurious qualities. The back panel is similar to the paint process of a BMW sports car. The tiny particles on the surface are pearl-like and shiny. The hardness of galvanized alloy back sheet is higher than other metal materials, and it is more durable.

Front Geek Bar 2.0 Audio

Sound quality is also an important aspect of determining user experience. The newly upgraded second-generation Dolby engine sound, Geek Bar 2.0, was created by Skyworth and the US Dolby Laboratories. The nanomaterial diaphragm and all-imported permanent magnets provided by the JBL supplier are used together with an independent audio processor responsible for audio data calculation to achieve high, medium and low full-band sound quality lossless output. Perfectly support Dolby and DTS decoding, all sound quality indicators are world-class standards.

4 color 4K HDR technology to restore the real picture

HDR (High-Dynamic Range) high dynamic range image is a hot technology this year, and it is also a display technology developed by major domestic and foreign TV manufacturers. In fact, HDR technology is not difficult to understand, compared to ordinary images. Can provide more dynamic range and image details, according to the different exposure time LDR (Low-DynamicRange) image, using the LDR image corresponding to the best detail for each exposure time to synthesize the final HDR image, the most intuitive effect is the dark part The performance is even more profound and without losing details, the brightness of the picture has also been significantly improved, thereby enhancing the contrast. Better reflect the details of the picture and the true visual effect.

Comparison between ordinary HDR and four-color HDR

Skyworth combined high-end HDR developed by LG Display on the basis of ordinary HDR. On the basis of ordinary HDR, it increased the HDR algorithm for 4 color 4K screens, which surpassed ordinary HDR. Through the HDR chip can losslessly decode the HDR signal, and in the unique 4-color screen control chip and 4-color display with the cooperation, to achieve intelligent brightening screen effect, which greatly enhance the dynamic range of the picture, and ultimately lossless display HDR content; When non-HDR signals are input, the 4-color HDR algorithm of the 4-color screen control chip can also be used to intelligently convert common SDR signals into 4-color HDR effects.

4-color HDR technology can better restore the real picture

Total number of G7 processors reaches 25

What is even more striking is that the total number of Skyworth G7 series TV processors has reached 25, which is different from common integrated computing methods. The G7 uses 8 independent computing chips to perform their duties, which has improved all functions. Quality and speed are obvious.

The system is simple and smooth and the content resources are powerful

If the hardware and the screen form the skeleton of the TV, then the system and the UI form the flesh of the TV. The premise of the intelligentization of a television is a powerful intelligent operating system. Skyworth G7 series TV adopts the latest Coolopen 5.5 system, adopts the popular and fresh style, the basic color is mainly cold, and the UI's picture adopts warm and lively colors, making the system look more full and interesting. And the boot speed is less than 10 seconds, the remote control operation response is very rapid, no stalling.

Home Flat Design Style

In the Coolopen 5.5 system, the film and television center will have an upgrade function as a whole module, which can repair, upgrade and optimize the film and television center without affecting other modules without the need for an overall TV system upgrade. The film and television center uses a lot of application classification habits nowadays, with more explicit classifications for movies, TV dramas, variety shows, and children. In the 5.5 system, when a movie is selected, clicking will play in a small window, and then you can also choose to play in full screen. At the same time, in the display aspect, the TV drama has a corresponding set of key tips. In the recommendation on the right, you will also recommend movies that match your taste according to your viewing habits.

Recommended interface

In recent years, the climax of the rise of Internet TV, various vendors scrambling to sign a contract with major Internet video sites, in order to fight for the latest and best program resources. Skyworth has integrated the advantages of content resources, built the iQiyi resource platform, brought users a large number of genuine video resources, and presented one-year iQiyi paid VIP privilege service to all users who purchased Skyworth G7.

iQiyi massive video resources

"Fantasy City," "Old Nine Doors," "Sparrow," "San San III, Ten Miles, Peach", "Grand Trace," "Rouge," and many other dramas are being broadcast simultaneously with TV. Family, love, fantasy, movements, wars, etc.... You need to know what you want.

It is worth mentioning that the Cool Open System's exclusive customized education platform covers preschool education, student guidance and life encyclopedias, and Skyworth scholarships help turn the dream into reality. In the education center, it provides a learning space for children, and it is also an encyclopedia with massive information. From infants and toddlers to encyclopedias for careers, tailored for people of all ages. At the same time, parents can also watch educational materials for children here to help children grow better.

Cool open education platform

Summary: In the face of changes in the market over the years, Skyworth adheres to the line of technological innovation, adhering to the spirit of “artisan workmanship” and brings an outstanding quality experience to consumers. Today, G7 has also been introduced as a nearly perfect from all aspects. TV products can certainly say that Skyworth has always been at the forefront of the industry in technological innovation. By diligently practicing our dreams and constantly making breakthroughs through innovation, this is also the way we realize the national Chinese dream together.

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