Some outdoor LED advertising screens are suspected of light pollution

“At night, the light flashes, and the light is particularly dazzling. Can we not let anyone sleep?” Recently, Mr. Yang, who lives in the 3rd building of Bourbon Palace on Nongxiang Road, Jiaxing City, was not in a good mood. They set up a LED at the entrance of their community. Electronic billboards, flashing from morning till night, "I have no idea of ​​playing advertisements during the day. Can't I stop at night? At night, the dazzling light from the big screen shines through the curtains to the bedroom. Because it is a dynamic advertisement, The light was flickering and flashing, very eye-catching." Mr. Yang said that the quality of his sleep was already relatively poor, and now he has not been able to sleep well for two consecutive weeks.

Reporter survey: outdoor LED advertising screen common

Around 10:00 am yesterday, the reporter came to the district where Mr. Yang lived. At the entrance of the district, the reporter saw a huge LED display about 2 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. The ad is playing on the screen and there is no sound at the scene. The reporter found that the LED display on the spot was only about 9 meters away from Building 3 where Mr. Yang lived, and the bright light from the LED could just reach Mr. Yang’s bedroom, affecting his normal rest.

It is understood that this LED display was installed by Meijie Culture Communication Co., Ltd. about two weeks ago. “Our district installs this LED display screen mainly to hope to achieve win-win cooperation with advertising companies. Now is the information age, many high-end districts will install such LED display screens. Usually broadcast promotional advertisements and property notices, etc.” The property manager of the city said that the complaints of residents of the community had been negotiated and settled a few days ago. Now the LED display is turned off at 10 pm to ensure that residents have a good rest environment. In response to the display problem, the reporter also visited many high-end communities such as the Australian Garden in the urban area and the Spring Garden, all of which were found at the doorway with LED displays of various sizes.

Afterwards, the reporter interviewed the staff of Meijie Culture Communication Co., Ltd. According to the staff, the LED display screens in most high-end districts in the urban areas are installed by them. "Our LED display screens are different from ordinary materials in that the displayed screen is clearer and the light is softer and will not irritate the eyes. At the same time, we also attach great importance to the follow-up work. If there are any complaints, we will make timely adjustments. Ensure that there will be no impact on urban residents."

Department Response: Lack of Specification and Difficult Management

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the relevant staff of the Jiaxing City Environmental Protection Bureau for this phenomenon. The relevant person of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau stated that at present China has no clear laws and regulations on the treatment of light pollution, nor does it have specific standards, and it still lacks a certain basis for law enforcement. Therefore, it is suggested that if the public encounters problems of light pollution, they can use the "General Principles of the Civil Law" to make related infringement complaints against relevant units. Companies are required to adjust their display brightness to a soft state or close as much as possible to reduce disruption to the public.

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