The climax of Beidou navigation industrialization will accelerate the layout of listed companies

According to recent news, China and Pakistan will sign a cooperation agreement on the use of BeiDou (COMPASS) NavigaTIon Satellite System in Pakistan. Affected by this news, the stock price of the Beidou navigation sector once performed very well. However, since this week, the stock price of Beidou Navigation Concept stocks has the tendency to "fallen." The stock prices of China Satellite (600118.SH), Guoteng Electronics (300101.SZ), and Beidou Xingtong (002151.SZ) have appeared to varying degrees. Fell.

It is reported that the Beidou navigation market is expected to really start in the second half of the year, and listed companies are also stepping up their layout. "This year is the year that the company will truly enter the Beidou navigation technology into industrialization." He Haocheng, the secretary of Zhonghaida (300177.SZ), said in an interview with the "Financial Business" reporter of the First Financial Daily.

Beidou navigation market launched in the second half of the year

At present, the positioning, navigation, time service, short message and other services provided by the Beidou system have gradually matured in the fields of transportation, meteorology, fishery, forestry, surveying and mapping, emergency rescue, etc., and applications such as public vehicles and smart phones are gradually on the market. Walk into the lives of ordinary people.

Sun Jiadong, the chief designer of Beidou and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said recently that China will usher in the climax of industrialization of Beidou system applications in the next two years. In the context of a highly prosperous industry, Beidou Navigation Enterprise will usher in rapid development in the future.

"Because of the early development of GPS, GPS has occupied more than 90% of the market share in China. As Beidou Navigation technology matures, Beidou Navigation will compete for the Chinese market from GPS, and gradually expand from the current major customers for government departments to individual users. The market scale of China alone is very huge. With the pace of Beidou internationalization, the coverage of Beidou Navigation will become wider and wider in the future. "Said Duan Jiaxuan, a researcher in the machinery industry of CIC Consulting.

Shenyin Wanguo believes that the Beidou navigation market has really entered the start-up phase from the second half of the year. Although the application of Beidou Navigation in the industry and the mass market is already qualified, it still faces many disadvantages in terms of cost and performance; and the relative cost pressure of the industry's needs related to national security and lifeline industry will be less. Therefore, the order of Beidou navigation applications will still be from the military to the industry, and then to the mass market.

The brokerage expects that the military acquisition market will start this year. Demonstration projects of various provincial and municipal governments will be launched in batches, and the application of the Beidou demonstration will be carried out on a large scale. In the second half of the year, domestic companies are expected to reduce costs, improve technology, and innovate models in response to mass market competition.

In fact, judging from the information released by the listed companies, the military's collection may have already started. China Satellite stated in its annual report that it successfully won the bid for the centralized procurement of multiple products for specific users, which provided guarantee for the continued stability of the subsequent business. Guoteng Electronics also announced similar information.

Shenyin Wanguo believes that based on the current market demand, specific users should be the market demand of the military. It can be seen that the military's centralized procurement market has been launched, and it will become an important driving force for the performance growth of listed companies in the future.

In fact, although the market started later than GPS, in the eyes of many analysts, Beidou Navigation also has its unique advantages.

"Compared with GPS, Beidou's first positioning speed and timing accuracy have shown superiority. The first positioning is at least one minute ahead of GPS. The Beidou satellite navigation system's contribution to the accuracy, stability and reliability of global navigation The rate also performs well. The unique SMS service of the Beidou system is unique. Users can not only obtain time and location services through the Beidou terminal, but also send messages through the Beidou system in blind areas. "Duan Jiaxuan said.

Listed companies to speed up the layout

At present, the companies related to Beidou Navigation mainly include Beidou Xingtong, Guoteng Electronics and Zhonghaida.

Among them, Beidou Xingtong is a Beidou concept stock with good performance. In the first quarter of this year, Big Dipper's operating income and net profit increased by 43.22% and 35.99% year-on-year respectively.

Beidou Xingtong said that the current Beidou navigation industry is still in the development stage. Before 2015, the application direction of Beidou was mainly the research and development and industrialization of Beidou chip modules and the application and demonstration of key industries. Among them, for the application path of the Beidou navigation industry, the defense security field and specific industries will be applied first, and then expanded to the mass market.

In 2012, after Beidou Xingtong increased the capital of Hexinxing by 40 million yuan, Beidouxingtong's share of Hexinxingtong increased from 70% to 76.52%. Beidou Xingtong also mentioned that since its establishment, Hexin Xingtong has been focusing on the research and development and production of core basic products such as Beidou navigation chips, modules and boards, which are typical high-input, high-risk and high-return fields.

The company believes that Hexinxingtong has developed a navigation chip based on Beidou, which is the leading domestic and first-class in the world, but the business is still in the process of market docking and promotion, and there is a problem that it cannot achieve large-scale production and sales. Despite repositioning the chip business, giving priority to the development of Beidou special account products, and strengthening the market connection and promotion of products, the business has greater difficulties in achieving profitability in 2013, and it is expected that the loss will be reduced compared with 2012 and still faces continued Risk of loss.

Zhonghaida, which is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-precision satellite navigation positioning system software and hardware products, is also one of the Beidou navigation concept stocks.

"The company's Beidou navigation business is mainly used in three areas: high-precision satellite positioning, mobile technology data collection, and geological disaster monitoring. This year is the first year that the company's technology has officially entered industrialization. Among the satellite navigation-related businesses, Beidou related systems have been Seventy to eighty percent use Beidou signals. The components used by the company are chip-type motherboards with high performance. "He Jincheng said in an interview with reporters.

Guoteng Electronics told reporters that the company's development sector in the Beidou satellite navigation application field mainly includes the development and sales of Beidou key devices, Beidou navigation terminals and industry application systems, as well as the provision of Beidou operation services.

According to the company, in 2013, the company will continue to focus on the protection of special industry markets, key industry markets and high-end mass markets in the development of Beidou satellite navigation business, while taking into account the expansion of the civilian market. Xinjiang, Yunnan and other regions and cities have set up branches, subsidiaries or marketing offices, and actively develop agents in accordance with geographic location and product system, and gradually establish a national marketing and service system that combines direct sales and distribution.

"Upstream of the industrial chain there are chip production and satellite operations related to Beidou satellites, and system integration companies that can be combined with public health and other fields. Downstream there are companies that produce navigation equipment and provide navigation application software. Comparing Beidou navigation with GPS It has certain advantages, so related companies will also benefit from Beidou Navigation's advantages to develop better products. "Duan Jia declared.

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