The demand for backlights fell, and the loss per share after tax last year was 2.7 yuan.

In the second half of last year, the demand for LED backlight market declined sharply, exceeding the expectations of the LED die factory. The company's consolidated revenue last year was 4.367 billion yuan, with an annual decline of 9.96%; the combined gross loss rate was 18.25%, an increase of 16.53 percentage points over the previous year; The loss rate was 34.05%, an increase of 17.55 percentage points; the net loss after tax was 1.288 billion yuan, 1.2 times higher than the previous year, and the loss per share after tax was 2.7 yuan.

Yuyuan said that from the LED market this year, the demand for backlight and lighting is booming, and the company has adjusted the MOCVD machine to turn into lighting products, which has been completed in January~2, and the adjusted new product order benefits will be gradually fermented this year. Under the support of factors such as good market demand and internal adjustment strategies, the target is profitable and profitable for the whole year.

In the past, about 70% of the revenue came from backlight products, and 3 became lighting. The company said that although the third quarter of the year is the traditional peak season for backlighting, the demand for the backlight market in the second half of last year has dropped sharply, exceeding expectations, and the company has adjusted the MOCVD machine to slow down the lighting products, and has not kept pace with the rapid growth of the lighting market. In the case of poor order status, last year's revenue performance declined, and the lower rate of profit also caused the gross loss rate and the loss rate to expand.

Yuan Yuan said that unlike the surface of the epitaxial products used in the backlight field, the surface of the products used in the field of lighting is relatively smooth. To transform from the production of backlight products to lighting products, MOCVD machines must adjust the process. In the follow-up, the production yield will be increased, and the adjusted new products will have to look for orders. Although the company started to adjust its strategy from the second half of last year, it still needs time to slowly ferment.

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