The global scale of wearable devices reached US $ 19 billion in 2018

The latest data released by market research company Juniper Research shows that wearable devices are expected to usher in a big explosion in the next few years.

The company said in a report released on Tuesday that the global market will spend $ 1.4 billion on wearable devices this year. By 2018, this number will reach 19 billion US dollars. NiTIn Bhas, an analyst at the company, said in a statement that the reason for such large-scale growth is largely the increase in people's awareness of wearable device consumption.

The global scale of wearable devices reached US $ 19 billion in 2018

The increase in consumer awareness of wearable devices is mainly due to reports that Apple intends to release new smart watches and Samsung's already released Galaxy Gear products. In addition, Google Glass, the search giant Google (microblogging), has also attracted a lot of attention, and people intend to tap the potential of Google Glass in improving productivity.

According to Juniper, the development of wearable devices will not only benefit product manufacturers, but software developers may also be able to get a slice of it.

Juniper believes that the rapid development of this industry will provide good opportunities for application developers, especially in the fields of health, fitness, sports and communications.

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