The major shareholder "takes the retreat into progress"

On September 28th, Furi Electronics (600203) announced that the company's revised fixed-income plan finally passed the high vote at the shareholders meeting.

The reporter noted that the major shareholder in the previous increase plan was a target for fixed growth. As a result, the major shareholder had to evade voting, resulting in the last fixed plan being vetoed by the tradable shareholders. Nowadays, the major shareholders are not among the targets of the increase, and it is a matter of course that the plan is approved by the shareholders' meeting.

Secondly, the shareholders’ meeting was finally approved.

Furi Electronics today announced the resolution of the second extraordinary general meeting of 2013. The announcement shows that the two major proposals of the company's 2013 increase plan (the second revision) and the company's connected transaction system were approved by the shareholders' meeting. Among them, the number of votes in favor is more than 114 million votes, and the proportion of approval is as high as 97.54%.

In fact, just one month ago, the company’s first scheduled increase plan was won at the shareholders’ meeting. On September 3, Furi Electronics announced that the company's 2013 increase plan and the company's application to increase the liquidity to major shareholders were rejected. The number of negative votes in the above proposal was 16.9553 million shares, accounting for 63.57%.

The reporter noted that among the shareholders of Furi Electronics, the second and third largest shareholders, He Haichao and Liang Ruizhi, held a large number of shares, holding a total of 151.666 million shares, and the two were acting in concert. Analysts believe that "because major shareholders participate in the increase, they have to evade voting because of the relationship, which gives He Haichao and Liang Ruizhi the opportunity to take advantage of it; and the second and third largest shareholders happen to be concerted actors, so they There is a high possibility of a resolution."

Increased shareholder confidence

The first fixed increase plan was rejected, which caused Furi Electronics to have to modify the plan. According to the second edition of the program, the funds raised and the investment projects have not changed. The only difference is that the major shareholders are no longer the target of additional issuance. This means that major shareholders can participate in the voting of the motion, and the adoption of the second edition of the plan is a matter of course. This also means that the company's transformation into large LEDs can be smoothly advanced.

The reporter also noticed that although the major shareholder is no longer in the list of additional issuance, it has increased its shareholding in listed companies through the secondary market. On September 12, Furi Electronics said that the controlling shareholder Furi Group, based on its confidence in the company's future development prospects, plans to increase its shareholding in the next 12 months from September 12, 2013. Increase the company's shares by not less than 1 million shares, and not more than 2% of the company's total share capital.

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