The peak of the dynamic earplugs - IE8 and his good friends

Senhai IE8 appearance box:

The package contains countless pairs of earmuffs of different sizes, a pair of ear hooks, and a manual for different languages. Comes with a portable metal case, white metal wire drawing, metal box can carry 2 "ear masks", a tool to adjust the bass eq and a stick to clean the earplugs. Considering that the user may not use it for a long time, Senhai also designed a small porch inside, which can put desiccant, which is very intimate to the user.

However, many people bought ie8, listening to it with a mobile phone and ipc. It feels better than ordinary headphones, but no one else blows so strong, and it is not worthy of the title of the moving flagship. Indeed, the strongest person in the dynamic circle is only the method of attracting readings by the title party. Different people have different tastes, but the IE8 is indeed the only player who can express big music in the non-customized earplugs. However, using mobile phones and ipcs to listen to a large extent is not the meaning of ie8. At this time, I started the main character of today's post - ibasso d6.

The ibasso d6 is the amp that mini audio is pushing to the North American market. I changed the ibasso, a very foreign name. You thought I didn't know that you are a powerful product made by a powerful Chinese. In the official website, the price is 265 knives, which may be bought in China, and may be cheaper.

When I first arrived, I was disappointed. I used a white box and wrote the model number with a black marker.

There is a very solid sponge-like thing inside, and the design of the shape of the fitted amp is indeed a very difficult way for Chinese express delivery companies to break! Second, mini audio company considers that buying this amp is a wealthy second generation and loves tossing enthusiasts, so it is equipped with a special wrench to facilitate opening the case, replacing the appropriate op amp, and taking into account the screw It may take a while to prepare a small bag of spare screws. And the plug is a chrysanthemum that is often inserted and inserted, and it is easy to wither, so the mini audio company also has 2 sockets for replacement. Finally, the first point, the leather case is indispensable, but the combo family who generally use the portable player + amp is generally bundled, and the leather case is rarely used. In the accessories, you need to mention a little, mini audio does not prepare the instructions, it is more painful, probably consider the diy friends, knowledge is very rich, do not need these basic things. To see the instructions, you can only go to the official website to download the English version, but it is relatively simple, high school students can understand.

Say the appearance, talk about the effect. When the function of the amp is not mentioned, it should be said that it is a flavored amp, faithfully magnifying the type of the original sound. In addition to listening to songs in general, the biggest feature of d6 is when usb decoding. Previously watching movies and playing games, they were directly inserted into the book chrysanthemum or connected to line6 GX. Since using d6 for decoding, you can't forget it.

The material is the third part of the Lord of the Rings.

The quality of the Lord of the Rings is a big production. The soundtrack of the movie has a good performance in the movie. And the third part is a big decisive battle. The pressure of the big scene and the battle is a good audition material. The whisper of Tom's ear can clearly feel the distance from the ear. When the two of my body are changing, I can clearly feel the "distortion" of the voice of the sorcerer controlled by the Lord of the Rings, making the voice of the loyalty of the master loyal to the humour more obvious.

I don't know how to end, I can only comment on the combination of ie8+ibasso. It should be a good choice for classical fans and large-scale portable fans who are more cost-effective. And DIY is relatively high, you can change the quality of the op amp, because it only supports the op amp with adaptor, so it is relatively simple to change. On the wire, in fact, I still insist that ie8 should use the original line, no matter how good the line, it will destroy the original tuning of the ie8 and lose some things.

However, you can spend money on the recording line to find the sound of your favorite material. Here are some suggestions. Students who buy headphones and earphones should look at the audio source they use. If you just use the mobile phone ipod classic, look at the advice and buy the earphone designed by ipc, because ipc can push it at a suitable volume. Push the right tone. And some big headphones, like hifiman he6, some people think that driving at a large volume can be promoted, but in fact, not only the loss of hearing but also the desired effect.

The second point, buy headphones and earplugs to choose the right taste, like some prefer vocals, some prefer big compilation, some prefer metal. Don't just look for it. Just like my combination, I found my favorite, after auditioning and looking for information, I only spent 300+265+50 knives, and I had classmates to buy the highest model monster headphones, but he didn’t know that monster was famous. The lack of quality, the sound is too heavy, suitable for listening to the style of music he spurned, spent a lot of money, but it is not right, so toss, not worth the candle.


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