The study with the light guide is "matched" with the children's room.

As a space for reading, writing, and amateur study, research, and work, the study room is an essential activity space for cultural, educational, scientific, and artistic workers. It is a place where people return to the office environment after finishing their day's work. Therefore, it is both an extension of the office and a part of family life. The duality of the study not only makes it a unique position in the family environment, but also has many considerations in lighting design.
Light guide

The study needs a quiet, calm, elegant and quiet feeling, so that it will not make people feel arrogant, in addition to the function of the light, soft and bright light, avoid glare, so that people can study and work comfortably. Therefore, the lighting style and style of the study should not be too gorgeous, elegant and elegant, which is conducive to creating a quiet, peaceful and comfortable environment.

In the illustration, the study first sets the general illumination (indication 1 and indication 3). In this example, chandeliers, downlights and spotlights are used as general illumination, which can provide the overall illumination of the study, or the use of ceiling lamps. Also set up the ceiling light trough backlight (indication 2), which uses the LED light strip, which not only brightens the dark trough, but also makes the space more layered, while reducing the contrast between the dark and dark in the study, which can relieve eye fatigue .

In addition to general lighting, a desk lamp is also arranged as a work light (indication 4), as a key lighting, the light is illuminated from the front end of the left shoulder, in line with the habit of the right hand pen, providing sufficient illumination for reading and writing, computer operation, suggestion Readers use LED eye protection desk lamps, because the LED light source is equipped with a constant current power supply, there will be no stroboscopic, which is very helpful for long-term eye workers.

In addition, multiple small spotlights (indicating 5, 1W LED spotlights) can be installed in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help identify the title, but also keep the temperature of the bookcase and prevent the book from decaying and decaying. In short, the core idea of ​​study lighting is simple and elegant thinking!

Nowadays, many of the 80s have entered the marriage hall, and the children are also counted on the agenda. In order to give the children a good childhood, many families will open a separate children's room!

The children's room generally has the functions of learning, playing, rest and storage. It is the world of children. Therefore, the overall brightness of the room should be relatively high, and the light should be soft, so that the room has a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

It generally uses a combination of overall lighting and local lighting to configure the luminaire. In the overall lighting, it is recommended to use chandeliers and ceiling lamps (indication 1) to create a clear and dreamy light effect for the space, while local lighting can use wall or spotlights ( Instruct 4) and so on to adapt to different lighting needs, when the child reads and writes, the dimmable table lamp (indication 3) can be selected to enhance the local illumination to achieve the best brightness. In addition, design some backlights (indication 2) to increase the layering of the space, and set the bedside lamp (indication 5) to facilitate the night indication for the child.

In the children's room, the lighting fixture to be selected in the shape, color child a relaxed, full of charm sense of light to expand a child's imagination, stimulate children's interest in learning, it might be the use of rich shaped lamps for the room Adding childlike fun, such as star-rated luxury tankers, mountain biking bicycles, flying blue sky planes, these styles have been applied to the chandelier series, hanging a chandelier in the children's room, will allow children to expand the wings of imagination, learning It will also become interesting.

Always, the child is a permanent concern for the parents, and every parent wants to give the child a healthy and growing environment. I believe that the children's room is undoubtedly the best gift for children!

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