Underrated NFC: Breakthrough Direction for Next Generation Smart Wear

Today, with the rapid development of communication technology, various communication methods have given industrial practitioners more choices; on the other hand, they have brought more troubles to practitioners, and many choices often bring Choose difficult. Among many communication technologies, NFC is a unique technology and a very important technology, at least it will become a breakthrough direction for smart wear and smart home.

Most people's perception of NFC should come from science fiction films, but few people knew the specific name of the technology at the time. Just like other smart wearable technologies, we have realized that people can use some intelligent wearable devices to expand some functions of people by means of science fiction films, but we always feel that this is far away from us until Google releases smart glasses. We realized that the scene of the sci-fi film is already around us, and it is no longer out of reach, but at your fingertips.

Application scenarios of wearable devices and NFC technology

In fact, NFC technology is also the same. In the past, we saw some high-tech movements in some movies, such as someone just brushing the phone, or chest when they were passing the door, riding, spending, or exchanging business cards. The previous small chip made the information exchange. And this seemingly tall technology has been lurking around us very early, but we have not been paying attention to it until Apple says it wants to use NFC technology to enter the financial payment field, we only noticed the commercialization of this technology. Meaning and value.

Underrated NFC: Breakthrough Direction for Next Generation Smart Wear

Obviously, the use of NFC is far more than that. For the smart wear industry, it is entirely possible to develop products around the core of NFC technology. For example, at the bus stop, we can brush the smart watch against the stop sign, and the watch will immediately jump out of the arrival time of the bus, as well as the current location, and of course the current car can be displayed on the smart watch. The number of passengers and the degree of crowding; when we walked by and saw the concert of interest, just lift the smart watch and brush it at the poster. The time, place, fare and other information of the concert will be presented to us. On the dial.

This is not the core weapon. When smart wears in the smart home field, after integrating into NFC technology, we can give the housekeeping staff an access card with NFC technology. At the appointed time, the user sends a specific time to the door lock. After the instruction, during a certain period of time, the housekeeper's card can unlock the door lock with a brush. Of course, it is not valid between the instructions.

Underrated NFC: Breakthrough Direction for Next Generation Smart Wear

Of course, for smart cars, the integration of smart watches or smart bracelets with NFC technology is also a very cool thing. We no longer need to worry about the car key, as long as we integrate the NFC technology chip into the smart watch, and then also integrate the paired NFC chip on the door handle of the car, when the user wearing the specific wearable device approaches the car When the car is paired by NFC near field, it will automatically unlock. Similarly, when we leave the car, there is no longer a need to worry about locking the door, as long as the user leaves the vehicle's near field distance, the door will automatically lock.

Not only that, our student cards, employee cards, cards, and the like are all loaded into smart wearable devices, and NFC's near-field technology is used for identification. Various bus cards, subway cards, shopping cards, etc., are directly loaded into the smart watch or bracelet, where to go. Especially after the POS machine joins the NFC payment technology, we can bind the bank card on the smart watch or the wristband. You don't have to worry about the cash on the ticket, so you can fix it with a brush. It can be said that NFC technology can cover all aspects of people's daily life, and has a profound meaning for the entire Internet of Things era.

How NFC technology works

Having said that, we still have to understand what NFC is. NFC is a close-range wireless communication technology. The technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID), developed by Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), Nokia and Sony, based on RFID and interconnect technology. Near Field CommunicaTIon (NFC) is such a short-range high-frequency radio technology that operates at a distance of 20 cm at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Close-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and smart hardware devices.

In other words, probably in 2003, philips Semiconductor and Sony plans to develop a compatible wireless communication technology based on contactless card technology. Philips sent a team to Japan and Sony engineers to retreat for three months, practicing a world of technology. Otherwise, after the customs clearance, a wireless communication technology compatible with the current ISO14443 contactless card protocol was jointly released, named NFC (NearField CommunicaTIon).

NFC communication technology allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between smart devices (currently within ten centimeters) to exchange data. Compared with other electronic payment methods, NFC is a chip-based short-range communication payment, so it has a natural security advantage, which may become a breakthrough point for smart payment devices. Simply understand that if Internet banking, Alipay, micropayment and other Internet finance payment methods are based on software systems, then NFC is more similar to hardware systems, and its security is obviously much higher than pure software.

NFC terminal working mode

The main working mode of the NFC terminal is similar to that between lovers, and it is nothing more than active, passive, and two-way. To put it simply, there are three modes: male chasing female, female chasing male, and mutual love.

1. Active: In active mode, the NFC terminal can be understood as a card reader that actively sends out the RF field to identify and read/write other NFC device information.

2. Passive: This mode is exactly the opposite of the active mode. At this point, the NFC terminal can be understood as a card, not a card reader. It only passively responds to the RF field emitted by other NFC devices and is read/written.

3. Two-way: In this mode, both sides of the NFC terminal actively send out the RF field to establish peer-to-peer communication, which is equivalent to the two NFC devices are in active mode. Simply understood, an NFC terminal has the function of reading and writing, and has the function of being read and written.

Underrated NFC: Breakthrough Direction for Next Generation Smart Wear

Currently, our common NFC working mode is basically passive mode. For example, brushing a mobile phone, taking a bus, shopping, etc., all understand the NFC terminal as a card, which only passively responds in the RF field emitted by other NFC devices. For smart wearable devices, the integration of NFC technology is not a difficult thing, and based on such an information interaction carrier will effectively improve our growing variety of card life.

Of course, it doesn't mean that NFC technology is perfect. It also has this security risk, but the hidden danger is much smaller than other current technologies. For example, taking the transaction payment of a supermarket using a tag, the existence of a clone card means that it has the same appearance, the same authority, and the same data as the valid tag of the supermarket. Once the original label is replaced, it will directly cause the user's economic loss. However, compared to any current mobile payment technology, the security performance of NFC can be upgraded by 10 times and 100 times.

Underrated NFC: Breakthrough Direction for Next Generation Smart Wear

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