What's new in Apple 7? Summarize the 10 new features of iPhone7

According to an exclusive report from Bloomberg, they have already reported from Apple that the release date of iPhone7 is September 7th, that is, less than a month, everyone can see it. And the iPhone 7's features in waterproof, sound quality, and photography will improve.

The report also mentioned that the iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus screens will continue to be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch, while the latter will provide dual cameras, both of which start with 32GB, and the waterproofness is enhanced, the home button of the body changes from the entity. To the virtual button. There is also the iPhone7 canceled the 3.5mm audio interface. Although this has attracted a lot of netizens' criticism, the benefits are obvious: using digital signal transmission can bring better audio effects.

In addition to the highlight of waterproofing, it is highly probable that the memory is increased to 3G. Now that the Android mobile phone flagship comes standard with 4G memory, I believe that Apple will "quietly" upgrade the memory to 3G next year.

There are also Apple 7 series in the pixel aspect will be improved, Apple 7 camera will increase OIS optical anti-shake function, and iPhone7Plus and the previous rumors will increase the dual camera, and strengthen the camera zoom function on the camera. Apple 7plus memory will be upgraded to 3GB, and the Apple 7 Series will also be equipped with a stereo system.

Despite the support of ReTIna technology, Apple still maintains a good display, but according to the history of Apple's resolution improvement, the iPhone7 Plus is likely to use a 2k resolution HD display.

The news broke the news of many other aspects of Apple 7. According to the person who broke the news, the iPhone 7 has confirmed that gold, rose gold, and black are in production, and the blue version has not yet been seen. In addition, Apple canceled the push-type physical Home button on the iPhone7, and used the touch button to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. The rear lens is larger and more convex.

What's new in Apple 7?

Expect 10 new features of the iPhone7:

1, sapphire glass

Sapphire is more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant than Corning Gorilla Glass, and several iPhone models have used Gorilla Glass. After the upgrade of the iPhone7 screen material, the price will be higher, but the user can also bear the psychological. As long as it is resistant to scratching, add some money!

2, double-sided plug and pull USB data cable

When Apple replaced the 30-pin connector with a double-swappable Lightning cable, many people cheered. Introducing the USB cable for double-sided plugging and unplugging will improve the Apple 7 user experience. After plugging in the USB cable once, it will be inserted in one time, and it will not be inserted three times to find the right direction.

3, wireless charging

Since talking about charging, wireless charging will become an important selling point for the iPhone 7. This technology already exists, and Apple only needs to be available to a wider audience.

4, higher definition screen

As we all know, the iPhone 6 has made a major upgrade on the screen, but Apple still has room for improvement in this regard. Given Apple's larger screen iPhone6 ​​Plus, users will watch more videos on it, so the iPhone 7 will have a larger screen and higher definition. After the movie is on the iPhone7!

5, better battery life, support for battery replacement

The battery life of the iPhone 6 may exceed the previous generations of iPhones, but users always hope that the iPhone battery life is better, and there is always such a demand. The replaceable battery is one of the topics that Android mobile phone users have long ridiculed iPhone users. The pop-up battery design makes it easy to replace the battery while extending the iPhone's update cycle. Apple is considering adding this feature to the iPhone 7.

6, 32GB storage version

After the release of the iPhone 6, there was only one question in mind: Where did the 32GB version go? Apple should stop launching the 16GB version of the iPhone, giving the entry-level model 32GB of storage, so that most people can save enough music and photos on their phones. Many users think that 16GB is too small, 64GB is not used, 32GB just good price is also moderate, looking forward to the next generation.

7, a better front camera

After more female users use the iPhone, high-quality self-portraits are more important than ever before. The Apple iPhone 7 is likely to improve the quality of the front camera until the selfie looks like it was shot by a professional.

8, more color choices

Apple always has a soft spot for fashionable colors such as silver, gray and gold, but why not push the red version of the iPhone? Apple should take a look at its smart watch and let the iPhone 7 have more color options.

9, customizable Home button

The Home button has been used to talk to Siri and redisplay the home screen to the user, but we think that in some special circumstances, the user can also use the Home button to do other things. If you press the Home button three times to open the "Camera" app, or long press the Home button twice to open WeChat, the experience must be cool.

10, waterproof function

Finally, if the iPhone 7 is waterproof, that feeling must be amazing. Samsung smartphones already have this feature. Obviously, the support for waterproofing should not be at the expense of the iPhone's stylish form factor, but it adds a new reason for the fruit powder to line up to buy Apple's next-generation flagship smartphone.

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