What is the difference between curved TV and flat TV?

Another traditional home appliance sales season is different from the past. After the display technology of color TV experienced several rounds of revolutionary changes, it entered the era of curved TV this year. Curved screen televisions, such as cyclones, generally begin to sweep the market. TV companies including Samsung, LG, TCL, and Hisense are all producing and selling curved TV sets.

Curved TV was first debuted by South Korea's Samsung and LG, followed by domestic manufacturers, and curved TVs were placed in the most conspicuous position in major home appliances stores. Curved TV in the two years of television can really be too hot, it has reached the point where you have to pay attention to it. From the TV release announcement in 2015, it can be seen that basically every brand, including the increasingly hot Internet TV brands, has launched curved TV products, and it is not embarrassing to call it a "high-end" product. . According to statistics, in 2015, the sales volume of curved TVs has reached 1.5 million units, an increase of more than 10 times. Curved TVs can be said to have opened a new era of television. Although curved TVs are beginning to become more and more popular, many consumers do not understand curved TVs.
So, curved TVs and flat-screen TVs, which one is better?
First, appearance

No matter how thin the flat-panel TV is now, how narrow the outer border is, the difference at the first glance is not large, and it can be said that the space for breakthrough is also very limited. I visited the mall in a circle, the major brands of flat-panel TVs if not LOGO's different, it is difficult to make impressive in appearance. But the surface TV can win the appearance of one strike, the curved screen is absolutely unforgettable, and it falls on it with unconscious eyes.
Second, the integration of the living room with the surface of the curved TV screen is artificially curvy, but one of the problems is that the screen is curved, but parts can't be bent. This causes the curved TV to be a lot thicker than the flat TV, and a curved TV, do you think it can hang on the wall? Obviously not. But flat-panel TVs can, no matter how big a flat-screen TV, as long as your wall can withstand it, it can be separated from gravity. This is particularly important among small families in China. After all, we don't all live in large European and American villas. The provincial government needs to consider this.
Third, the price perspective

Today's flat-panel TVs can be said to have a very attractive price. Even with sizes as large as 55-inch and 60-inch, prices can be introduced by ordinary families. However, the price of tens of thousands of yuan for curved TVs is indeed too much for people to eat. Although the prices of curved TVs have generally declined slightly, the prices are still high. At least, consumers need to think twice about their wallets before deciding.
Although curved TVs have been extremely popular since last year, fundamentally, the concept of "surfaces" is just a concept. Its core properties such as performance and can not meet the needs of consumers, with a big vernacular, consumers buy curved TV, just bought the concept of curved TV. Even though the introduction of the OLED surface has solved many unsolved problems of the LED surface at that time, the curvilinear TV on the market is still aesthetically pleasing and practical. In a hypermarket, the mosaic of several curved TVs will definitely attract more attention. The eyes of many consumers, for the seller, the eyeball attracted even half of the success.
Comprehensive analysis, Xiao Bian feel at this stage more appropriate to buy flat-panel TVs, after all, curved surface television is still in the conceptual stage, and flat-panel TVs are very mature and the price is very attractive. Curved TV is still considered after the market matures.
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