Why should we pay special attention to facade lighting in high-end dining space?

A few days ago, I was transferred to the high-speed rail by the flight, and I was tossed on the road for a day. I decided to treat myself at night, so I went to a friend and went to a Japanese restaurant that was said to be top3 in Shanghai.

After entering the door, hey, it feels good:

The environment and production are first-class, and the way of using light is also very elegant. Not only is there no obvious mistakes, but many details are excellent. After entering the private room, the occupational disease doctors first investigate the light quality.

The visual inspection is not bad. It shows that the R9 must be red meat. So I called the beef and the salmon. I took out the lighting passport and “eat” it:

Figure: The light quality results of the illuminated passport portable spectrometer on the desktop show that the desktop illumination is 172 lx, the R9 value in the color rendering index is 24, and the red component in the spectrum is fuller, which is very good for red items.

So, is this just "perfect"?

Unfortunately, no.

Because you can't chat well.

Why is it a high-end restaurant? Why is the facade?

Although the product is delicious, however, in the second half of my meal, there is a problem that is very troublesome: that is, the façade lighting in the private room (especially the façade lighting when sitting at the time of eating) is missing, and there is an excellent light control belt with the desktop. The high level of illumination came in a strong contrast, so that when chatting with friends sitting on the eyes, the eyes could not comfortably focus on the other's face. After an hour, the eyes were exhausted.

The situation at that time was probably as follows: the face façade light only came from the upward reflection of the desktop, which was less than 10 lx. Although the desktop illumination was not high, it was a strong contrast because the absolute value was as high as 17 times.

Moreover, the light enters the eye only in the downward direction, and the eye feels very uncomfortable (you can use your brain to make up your hands from the chin to face the face).

Hand painted | LEGO

Eat a meal, especially want to talk about the high-end restaurant facade lighting:

Why is it a high-end restaurant?

Because of the general mass catering, under normal circumstances, there is no such problem as high contrast lighting.

Figure: Commercial restaurants respond to the common lighting methods of positioning differences, high uniformity and high illumination is a prominent feature of the popular dining light environment. (Information from Yunzhiguang Lighting College online course)

The contrast between light and dark is common in some high-end restaurants, because the contrast between light and dark can create a multi-level rhythm and privacy. These keywords are different from the popular and cost-effective feelings of popular restaurants.

Therefore, this problem is more common in locating high-end restaurant spaces.

Besides, high-end restaurants and good chat are more suitable.

Why is the facade?

This question is very good, you can ask the godfather ERCO to answer, see the picture below, ERCO believes that in the digital age, efficient and visually comfortable lighting solutions need to meet the following conditions: vertical lighting, quality-based lighting design, efficient lighting technology Five cores of intelligent lighting control and efficient light source.

In the first place, vertical lighting (facade lighting), why?

According to ERCO research, more than 80% of people's daily activities are based on visual information of head-up, while head-up is highly correlated with vertical lighting. Therefore, vertical lighting is the primary concern for visual comfort.

Figure: ERCO

Photo: The Tokyo International Convention Center, which won the IALD Awards, provides a uniform vertical illumination for the walls on the cloister, and the cloister walls provide a comfortable diffuse reflection of the space, complete with most of our common public spaces. Different, there is no direct lighting.

Moreover, the stereoscopic perception in a space is determined by the layering of the facade, not the horizontal plane, as shown in the figure:

The way of downlighting often takes into account the light of the horizontal plane, while ignoring the facade, Bart, as the ERCO theory says, the facade is the core of creating a three-dimensional sense of space for vision.

How to solve?

I agree with the idea that "lighting design is brightness design", so the absolute value of all data is not significant, and visual perception is a relative concept.

And, before that, I want to add a principle: design brightness for all the behavior in space.

For example, if I still need to chat in the restaurant, then I need to be able to see each other's faces comfortably.

1. Gradation of illuminance (/brightness) in illuminance planning

It is necessary to light up the dishes. However, as mentioned above, the horizontal illumination of the brightness of the tableware and the proportion of the illumination responsible for the vertical façade should not be too large. More than 1:10 is a sense of drama, but it also causes eye comfort. decline.

2, lighting design techniques

After planning, it is designing and lighting. What can be done?

It is possible to choose the width of the light beam on the table to directly cover the face, or to arrange the light on the façade that the line of sight can touch:

Hand painted | LEGO

Look, this way will make the line of sight more comfortable:

Can you see it? Although the shadow is heavy, but at least there is enough light, clear.

In addition to washing the wall and wiping the wall, it is ok to use the light on the façade, and have you noticed it? Although the desktop uses a narrow beam of light, the light used to wipe the wall will light the face from the side or above.

Instead of just relying on the desktop reflection to light up the face from the bottom up, not only the entire face will look better, but the eyes will be much more comfortable.

promise! Don't think that eating light is different from taking a portrait photo:

Take the clothes!

Restaurant do you think it is light to eat?

In addition to chatting, you have to take a selfie!

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